Good morning, afternoon, or evening! Whatever time of day it is for you! Today's post is all about these fabulous trainers which were lovingly sent to me by Loud Look!

Now, you might be thinking 'Holly? Trainers?' and yes, it is very unusual for me to choose a flat shoe from a website when the option of a heeled shoe was given, but guys guys guys, hear me out! For sooo long I've been eyeing up those cool Nike trainers that all the other bloggers are wearing, but as a heeled shoe lover I'm definitely not willing to fork out a bunch of money to pay for a pair. So when Loud Look asked me to choose something from their site and I saw these, my trainer dupe dreams came true! Plus, this pair are only £16.99 - Ah-maze-ingggg!

These are the "ARRAN" Black/White Trainers inspired by Nike Huraches and they are honestly SOOOOO super comfy. I instantly loved them and they fit my monochromatic wardrobe perfectly.

Here I decided to go for a bit of a sporty, yet girly vibe. I mixed the sport shoe along with a cute stripe Zara top and this smock dress from WE ARE COW. The overall look is quite cute, but adding the trainers in gives it more of a bad ass feel!

If you're looking some new shoes then definitely check out Loud Look and you will find yourself a bargain, trust me!