If you asked me what I look for when buying dresses then I would usually say something along the lines of 'black, chic and simple'. However, recently, due to my overwhelming love of the pastel coloured and frilly spring trends, I've been gravitating towards pieces with a much 'girlier' vibe.

I spotted this dress out of the corner of my eye in Primark and instantly flew over (yes, I literally flew over like a pterodactyl or something) and picked it up. Something about it just screamed 'HOLLY BUY ME YOU FOOL' and so, I did!

I think the fact that this dress seemed to have combined lots of the things I'm loving at the moment, including: frills, pastel pink and shoulder cut outs, and then the fact that it was only £13 (I know right, bargain!) was basically what ended up selling it to me.

I have to say, this dress is absoloutley gorgeous. It fits perfectly and looks so figure flattering!
I keep picturing myself wearing this beaut in Amsterdam on holiday with my pals, whether that be on its own or with a cute little white tee underneath - it's just so dreamy!

Here I just simply paired it with my pink Dorothy Perkins heels and a kind of berry pink lipstick and voila!

I hope you like this look and if you're as in love with this dress as I am, then I hope you can find one in your local Primark too - go go go! ♥