Birthday Decor Ideas Inspired by Zoe Sugg


Basically, if you read my 'God Damn, I Love Birthdays' blog post then you will know that, I just kind of wish Zoe Sugg would come and decorate my house for my birthday haha! Unfortunately, that's not gonna happen, but it has inspired me to put together a post all about some decor ideas that I just love for birthdays (and any other occasion really too)! Sooooo, lets go!

Something that both I, (and Zoe) (lol I need to stop talking like she's my best pal), seem to absoloutley love are gorgeous hanging decorations and big birthday balloons.

Since seeing Alfie, Poppy and Sean decorate for Zoe's birthday back in 2015 (if you watch their vlogs, you'll know what I'm talking about, otherwise there's a little pic of it below), I have just been obsessed with how gorgeous those little hanging pom poms and bunting look. I think the colours they come in are just so pretty and they just give birthday decor that little bit of something more special than what you would usually see.

You can find these so so easily too! All I did was type into Google 'Pom Pom Birthday Decorations' and voila! Soooo many different options appeared! There are some super cheap options you can pick up on Ebay or there are more, I suppose what you'd call, 'higher end' ones from places like Oliver Bonas!

I love seeing a mixture of the different shapes and styles hanging together - the honeycomb, pom pom and fan shapes are my favourite! And I personally love the light blue, pink, orange, lilac and just simply, white shades together too. 

Here are some more 'higher end' options:
Pale Pink Honeycomb Garland - £2.50
White Honeycomb Garland - £2.50
Pastel Lantern Set - £5
Sorbet Paper Fans - £6
Pastel Pink Fans - £8
Honeycomb Ball - £1.70
Sorbet Honeycomb Mix - £6

Or Here are some super duper cheap ones you can pick up from Ebay:
Garland Decoration - up to £13 
Pastel Paper Fan Decorations - £6.50

And of course, here's some trusting fishing wire to hang them all with!
Fishing Wire - £4

In terms of balloons, you can't beat those big blow up number ones! (My Mum always does good in that department and has got me them for my past two birthdays (which is good because they look pretty on my instagram) *claps all round*) But as well as those, there seems to be a trend at the moment with getting the huge 'Happy Birthday' ones too, which are just sooo adorable. 

In the picture above you can kind of see what I mean! Again, they're just a little more exciting than your usual decorations that you can just buy at your local news agents or something! 

Here are a few that I've found:

And then, of course, there's just your classic cute balloons! Now, these usually drive me mad because when we have them at our house, my family always buy them without string so they just sit around on the floor and that does not please my 'incredible neat freak' persona in anyway at all... However, I think they are so adorable (and perfect for blog/insta pics) when they're bunched together with string!

Here are some cute pink ones like in the picture above:
And some white/clear ones too:
And of course, the ribbon to bunch them all together! 
Ribbon - £3

Last, but not least, here are just some other bits and bobs that I find completely adorable!


  1. I absolutely love this post! I would be so happy if I woke up to stunning decorations on my birthday :) x

    lots of love,Jane

  2. Oh my god all of these are so cute and total birthday decor goals! <3 I LOVE the Eat Cake balloons! x

  3. Fantastic post! I love how you've included cheaper versions. This will be a big help considering my boyfriends Mum and brothers birthdays are this weekend! x


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