It's already half way through the year..wait, what? I know, I know, where has the time gone? But, today I thought it'd be cool to reflect on the goals I had set for myself back in December in my Goals for 2016 post and see whether I've actually achieved any of them (this could be heart breaking haha)

1. To Continue Blogging
Well, it's pretty damn obvious that I kept at this isn't it?! I love my blog and wouldn't give it up for anything right now. I actually recently decided that I am ready to start improving things here over on Simple Things and that includes some better blog photos, a better blog design and more advice and life story posts because you seem to love those.. soo keep an eye out!

2. Modelling
Okay, so I'm definitely still modelling....

Back in February I made a big decision to leave my previous agency, which was terrifying for me to do. However, I knew things weren't right for me and so I had to trust my gut.

I had actually been scouted by IMM down in London in around October 2015 but didn't actually end up being signed to them until February this year when I went down for a test shoot. When I'd first been to meet them last year, I was clueless and couldn't model to save my life but by February I was so much more comfortable in front of the camera. After the test shoot, I headed to the agency and they handed me a contract there and then to be signed to their Mainboard of girls. I was so scared at the thought of it at first but so so excited at the same time. (I cried on the phone to my Mum in the taxi back to Euston haha). Now I've been signed to them for almost 5 months and I couldn't be happier. They are the most caring and wonderful agency in the world and am so so happy I took a leap and signed with them!

So far this year I've been to my first ever castings, had test shoots with amazing Photographers in London and even shot something with the BBC and Lisa Eldridge, which is crazy! I just can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

3. Happiness and Laughter
I have definitely laughed this year..maybe not as much as I thought I would, but I'm still pretty happy! I think this year has just flown by and I'm still in the process of trying to figure things out. I have a feeling that the summer has a lot of laughter and fun in store for me though. I'm really looking forward to it!

4. Family Time
Okay, if I'm honest, I'm still totally struggling with this. I'm just a total introvert and isolating myself is just something I can't help but do. However, I have started to think of different ways to fix this and I guess that's a step!

5. Friendships
I love my friends to pieces and am so so excited to spend a fabulous Summer with them (and still don't want the day that they're all going to leave for Uni to come *sheds single tear*)! In terms of new friends, I haven't necessarily made any, but I have met some new people and also pushed myself out of my comfort zone in attempt to make new friendships and that will do for me!

6. Treat My Parents
Still thinking of this... still not had the dollars to act on it...

7. Make My Room Pretty
My room is definitely a lot more organised however, it's definitely still not as pinterest-worthy as I would like and so I think it's about time I gave it a little more TLC and turned it into a super pretty creative space!

8. Party Party Party
My 18th birthday is at the end of the month and I couldn't be more excited! I've been dreaming of my 18th birthday since I was about 11. It's a really important birthday for me and I totally think I deserve to celebrate A LOT considering my last two birthdays were riddled with anxiety and I spent my 17th birthday watching Jurassic World at the cinema (wild Hol, wild...). I'm just ready for embarrassing old photos, cheesy birthday badges and lots and lots of alcohol!

9. Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down
Basically, if you think the fact that I have a blog is funny or the fact that now I'm a model is completely obscene... I. don't. fucking. care. (excuse my language but it just gives it some emphasis ya know)

10. Buy A Scratch Card
Yep, still not done this... haha

11. Find A 'New Look'
Weirdly, this came incredibly natural to me. I didn't even think about it all too much, but one day I was just like 'nah, I'm not bothering with these silly eyebrows any more' and voila! my 'New Look' was born.

I'm so comfortable within my face now (as weird as that sounds lol). I go out the house bare faced literally all the time and don't even bother concealing spots any more. I'm me, this is my face and I really don't care if you don't like it! :-) (that smiley face is meant to be hella sarcastic)

12. Get Fit
Back in February, I joined the gym and it's something I have wanted to do for years but have always been terrified to do. However, almost 5 months on and I'm still going strong and actually really enjoy going. I think there's definitely some improvement - I have slightly visible abs and am probably a lot stronger! More than anything though, it just helps me get out the house and started for the day! (ps, gyms are not as scary as you think once you've been once or twice!)

13. Get Out The House More
I think I definitely do this. I walk to gym most mornings and just take in my surroundings and it's so peaceful. I also started learning to drive, so I get to drive around sometimes too, which is nice!

14. Watch Hella Films
I've certainly been to the Cinema quite a bit but I think I'm still lacking in watching some older films I've missed out on. It's just so hard not to be consumed by Jane The Virgin right now.... (I AM OBSESSED)

15. Live
I'm still living... and trying harder and harder every day to live life more and more! *pats self on back*