There's definitely a little bit of controversy when it comes to purchasing a bikini that's a little more pricey than usual. I know that most of the time when I see a bikini and see a price tag of '£50 +' I think 'oh hell nooooo' but for some reason, I have a huge exception for Triangl...

The lovely girls from Triangl contacted me again recently and kindly asked if I'd like to try out a piece from their new SS16 and of course I was like 'Yes please!'. The bikini I chose was the Catia with the Regular bottoms and I absolutely adore it!

It came in a gorgeous peachy neoprene bag and packaged up in the clear plastic bags (of amazing quality btw) labeled with the huge memorable 'TRIANGL' logo - so, of course, I got super excited. I chose to get both the top and bottoms in a size XS as I'm usually a UK Size 6 or XS and I found it to fit pretty perfectly, which is fab and I also went for the 'Regular bum' rather than the 'Cheeky bum' since I'm a little bit 'bum-concious' (lol) and I really like the fit!

The quality is the the thing that stands out most for me though. There are lot of kind of 'fake' Triangl style bikinis out there that copy the iconic neoprene material and style but I honestly don't think any of them compare to the actual thing. You can just see the attention to detail and can feel that it's a piece that will last you a really long time - absolutely lovely!

There are some incredibly gorgeous pieces in the new SS16 collection so definitely go and check them out and let me know in the comments below if you've ever invested in a Triangl bikini and whether you found that it was worth it too!