Pretty lingerie is something all girls need in their life, am I right? I mean, I know that I love a good pair of comfy granny knickers, but nothing gives you that boost of confidence like slipping on some sexy lingerie and dancing round to a bit of Bruno Mars (okay, that might only be something that I do, but you get what I'm trying to say).

A brand that I've collaborated with in the past and was so so impressed by was B.tempt'd. They sent me some lovely pieces a few months back and I just instantly fell in love - they're still some of my favourites to wear today. Lucky for me, they're so bloomin lovely that they kindly sent me this gorgeous set the day too.   

This is the Ciao Bella Wineberry Bralette and Tanga Brief. Now, this isn't usually a colour I'd opt for in underwear - I usually like to wear black or more neutral colours, however I was definitely willing to give these a try considering the lovely designs.

The bralette is my favourite. It has gorgeous lace and delicate bow detailing with a scalloped edge which I really like. It's so super comfortable, which is something that is sooo important to me when it comes to a bra and yet, it's also super supportive.

The briefs are so sexy and feminine - they're a little less comfy than the bralette, but sometimes style is pain (or just constantly feeling like you have a wedgie (seriously, I'm all about comfy knickers) hahaha). Again, these are made from a gorgeous floral lace with a lovely little bow detail and are semi sheer, making them that little extra bit cheeky.

B.tempt'd honestly have some of the most gorgeous pieces and designs, you really do need to check them out! Also if you would like to shop this post, then you can do so below... go go go!

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