Sometimes I am inspired by a word, sometimes I am inspired by a song, sometimes I am inspired by a piece of clothing or trend. Here, I was inspired by a colour.

I was stood, post-shower, trying on the first outfit I was shooting that day, when I slipped in these amazing earrings from Zara (bought by some of my favourite people on the planet, the Malleys ♥), and thought 'holy crap, these are amazing'.

The bright colour literally brought my outfit into a whole new light - it went from being a neutral minimalistic look, to giving me total mermaid vibes (probably mostly due to my fresh wet hair and floral deodorant, but still).


I truly have been loving earrings lately. From simple gold hoops, to total Pat Butcher-vibes, earrings are totally my statement accessory of the season (I think it's the same with most people too... we're obsessed!)

I adore how simply popping some tassely, brightly colored pins into your ear lobes can completely change a look. I feel like it makes an outfit look so much more complete and put together - as if soooo much thought has gone into the styling, when really, you've just gone 'ooo, these earrings are pretty'.

But anyway, yes, I digress.

I am such an avid lover of colour right now, so it would have almost felt 'not me' to have created a look like this without these earrings.

Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate a monochromatic look or two, every now and again, but all in all, I love being colorful and expressing myself. I love mixing and matching, and adding weird accessories or shoes - it just sets fashion and style free, you know?


But hey, enough about earrings, and my arty farty love for colorful fashion, let me tell you about the rest of the outfit.

So, first off, these trousers, how amazing are they? right?! 
These were kindly sent to me by Lavish Alice, who are a gorgeous brand that sell the most stunning of pieces (as you can see from these fabulous trousers above). These are the Lace Up Corset Trousers in Soft Nude, and as soon as I saw them on the site, I new I had to choose them. I've never really seen anything like them before, but instantly thought how amazing they'd be paired with a black cami and heels (hence the combination I came up with).

This cute little cami is something I recently picked up in the H&M sale for a bargainous £5, whilst these black heels are the one's you've seen a million and one times here on my blog!

If you'd like to recreate this look yourself, try shopping the pieces below: