Well hello there you lovely lot, I'm seriously throwing it back today with these photos!

A while back, me and the gorgeously talented Lauren Weare, shot these photos, tried not to get rained on, and had a good ol' chinwag in the process; and, for some strange reason, they never made it into a blog post and slipped into my sea of blog images *cries*.

But, alas, here they are today, in all their glory!


Anyway, what I wanted to talk about today with you was: Autumn/Winter fashion.

Here in the UK, Summer is well and truly a thing of the past, and I'm so so excited to be whipping out my winter coats (which you can find an amazing selection of on Lyst!) and woolly tights.

I'm such a cosy, comfy, cuddly clothes kind of gal and so I do tend to struggle with fashion during the warmer months. I'm not one to get my legs out or to bear my (non existent) cleavage to the world, so I find comfort in wearing roll neck jumpers and sassy floor length trousers with my chunky boots.

But, it's not just that, there are so so many things that I love about heading into September, October, November and December, and, so, I thought I'd fill you in on just what those things are!


1. Layers, Confidence and Cosiness

As I mentioned, I'm much more a kind of 'knitwear and cups of tea' kind of girl, rather than a 'bikinis and Ibiza' kind of lady, so A/W for me is total heaven.

I love investing in knitwear and coats, and layering up with amazing pieces. I love mixing textures and placing patterns on top of each other, having people stare at me and wonder if my stripey trousers are actually my pyjamas. I love just being totally cosy - that's what I'm all about!

For example, I love the idea of a gorgeous Faux Shearling Coat paired with a chunky Roll Neck Sweater underneath or adding an amazing patterned scarf to finish off a look!

Plus, Autumn/Winter fashion just seems to give me so much more confidence too.

Maybe it's the way I'm able to experiment more and add in extra pieces to my looks, or maybe it's a body confidence thing, but either way, walking round in my big pink Zara coat, paired with a classic red lip, always makes me exude total sass.


2. Colours

The colours that A/W fashion bring to the table are always just total eye candy.

Burgundy's mixed with baby pink's, and dark green's and navy's, always manage to fill up my wardrobe instantly as soon as we hit September time.

There's something about styling with darker tones and colours that I just find creates such chic, yet cosy looking looks and that's something I really love in fashion; I want outfits that look incredibly stylish, but also have that 'I'm comfy and cuddly' look about them too.

Take this gorgeous >>> Belted Jumpsuit - it's something that looks super comfortable, yet incredibly stylish at the same time!

3. Christmas Trends


If you know me, then you'll know that Christmas is my favourite time of year, and I love just walking into a clothing store and seeing the rails filled with glitzy pieces and red jumpers.

I get so excited over the thought of what dress to wear on Christmas day, and what cosy look I'm going to go for on Boxing Day when I'm still stuffed and 9 months pregnant with a food baby.

I love the tacky pieces, to the more glam pieces - it's all a big part of my festive fun (lol, 'festive fun' who am i?!)

Dresses like this >>> Nasty Gal Disco Inferno Dress are getting me so excited for party season!

4. Autumnal Blog Photo Backdrops

As much as I love a bit of cherry blossom, or a beautiful, sunset lit field, in the background of my blog photos during Summer, there's nothing more seasonal and lovely than a few shots where there are gorgeous brown leaves on the ground, or a gust of wind brushing through your hair.

I love the blend of the colours in A/W fashion, and the way it all looks with our surroundings. It's crazy that just wearing a burgundy jumper can make the brown leaves and cloudy skies, stand out so much more than usual!

5. Darker Evenings (although, in a photography sense, this is HELL)

I love darker evenings.

I love sitting in bed, watching a crappy Netflix series, and cosying up in my new woolly pyjamas. And, yes, although when it comes to photographing images and trying to get good lighting at 1pm in the afternoon, this is total hell, I just can't help but love it!