Peep Show, The Big Bang Theory and Don't Trust The B---- In Apt. 23

Three series I have totally binged on over the past couple weeks are Peep Show, The Big Bang Theory and Don't Trust The B---- in Apt. 23.

Peep Show is just totally hilarious and easy to watch. It's been great on those days where I've just needed something on in the background whilst I reply to emails or simply just need to chill out for 10 minutes. The characters are played by two of my favourite actors/comedians, David Mitchell and Robert Webb, and I'll be honest, I haven't stopped sharing Peep Show memes since!

Then, The Big Bang Theory! This is a series I was already up to date with, but Season 10 just got released on Netflix and I got through it all within 2 days... ooops! It's totally binge worthy and again, such a chilled out and easy thing to watch.

Don't Trust The B---- In Apt. 23 is the latest series I've been watching. It stars Krysten Ritter, who I just completely adore, and she plays the ever so sassy Chloe. It's just fun, girly and had been on my 'Watch List' for sooooo long, it was about time I finally watched it haha!

Instagram Engagement 

Now, I'm hoping I don't jinx things here, but I've been so so happy with my Instagram engagement lately. The amount of lovely comments and likes I'm receiving from you guys is totally amazing and sometimes I'm in shock when a couple of my posts have hit over 1,000 likes or even end up on the Explore page - that's not happened at all really since the algorithm kicked in, so, eeeek!

It's really nice to see my content being enjoyed!

Coffees And Catch Ups With Friends

Over the past couple of weeks, I've met up with my lovely friends and it's been just what I've needed.

I saw Annie whilst down in London for a casting and met up with Han for a good ol' chinwag and to shoot some blog photos too whilst in Manchester. I then went for a good ol' Nandos with my angel, Henry (who Kindly took these snaps for me) and even went out for a drink or two at Jimmy's with Han last night too!

All occasions were totally lovely - couldn't have asked for lovelier days!

I'm a bit of a hermit you see, so tend to hide myself away, especially when I'm feeling down in the dumps, but meeting up with these fabulous beans has totally cheered me up. ♥