If you've followed me since I first began blogging (back in 2014...where has that time gone?!), you will have seen me go through several phases of 'styling'.

I've been through the 'monochromatic' phase, the 'will only style things with my simple court heels' phase and, the 'obsessed with baby pink' phase (and, well, every other phase inbetween that too).

But, I think it's this year - this is the year I've really started to figure my style out.

I love a simple look, but I also love quirky pieces and experimenting with colours and accessories. I love wearing comfy trainers and the same old Chelsea boots, but making them work with dozens of different outfits. I love just allowing myself to wear whatever I fancy.

It's nice to feel free with fashion and to not worry about fitting into a niche.

One side of my style that I feel like I've lost along the way however, is my more 'feminine' vibe.

I used to love wearing heels and little ditsy dresses and slipping into lacy blouses and pale pink skirts. And, you see, it's not that I don't still love doing that, it's just that I fell sooooo in love with white trainers, mini skirts and casual jeans, that I forgot to inject that more 'elegant' side of my style into my wardrobe too.

But, there's something about this season - something that seems to be bringing that side back out in me again.

Maybe it's all the crushed velvet? or maybe it's the delicate designs and Victoriana vibes? Who knows? But, there's definitely been something ignited within me!

"I've never seen elegance go out of style."

It's kind of refreshing to be able to slip into a elegant midi skirt and some delicate jewellery and just feel like a total princess for a little bit. It's nice to get some more 'pretty' and 'dainty' shots, in comparison to my usually 'street style' and 'hoop earring' vibe, and I guess it's just a bit exciting to feel a little 'girlier' for once!

And, please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that me wearing trainers or running about town in my jeans isn't 'feminine', because it is. At the end of the day, what we wear doesn't define how 'feminine' we are, but I'm simply just using that word to describe the more 'stereotyped' style.... hopefully that makes sense.

Plus the fact, that despite donning myself in a more 'feminine' look, I still opted for my chunky Chelsea boots when it came to footwear, just shows how much you can mix different 'trends' and 'vibes' together too.

But, anyway, I've digressed a bit...

I definitely think the winter trends and party season are certainly going to do me good when it comes to exploring this side of my style a bit more again.

I mean, you can't stare at a sparkly necklace or a bit of crushed velvet and not want to create some modern day 'Cinderella' vibes, am I right?!

Let me know what you think of this kind of look (am I working it?!) by leaving me a comment down below!