As soon as this red beret came into my life, I finally felt fulfilled. My life was complete.

Well, maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but still, something about this lovely accessory just clicked perfectly into place in my wardrobe, and instantly got me excited about styling it.

"The perfect accessory can make all the difference"

I really do adore the colour red, you see - I think it's such an amazing contrast with my hair - and a red lipstick has always been my 'go-to', so why wouldn't I want to co-ordinate that with my head wear!


When thinking about this look, I really wanted to focus on the colour red. I wanted to draw it out of every little thing and make the outfit 'pop', so to speak.

This lovely 'Modern Romance' Sweater from Fan-club was perfect for that.

The bold font stands out beautifully and the combination of that and the red beret is a dream! It's such a comfortable piece but the fact that it makes such a statement is really really cool.

Then, adding those *sassy as hell* red Public Desire boots to the look created the perfect trio of colour co-ordination and broke up the block of black colour create by the sweat and black vinyl skirt that I chose.

I just love how much the red colours in this look work together and how such a simple outfit can be such an effective look!