As we transition into 2018 and the colder months of the year, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect and weather appropriate outwear to fit the season.

I want something that keeps me warm - keeping my complaining down to a bare minimum when I'm plodding around in cities or round the village; I want something that is comfy and easy to throw on every single day and, most importantly; I want something that looks super sassy and makes me feel fabulous as helllll.

And, well, this year, I've got myself a love affair with aviator jackets.

Since spotting some of my favourite bloggers (Megan Ellaby and Andini Ria, I'm looking at you!), sporting some incredible ones over the past few months, I just knew I had to get my hands on one.

So, when the ASOS sale came around after Christmas, I headed straight to the jacket section and grabbed one I'd been eyeing up for a few weeks. It arrived, and I was in love - *aviator jacket needs fulfilled*

However, when LOTD got in contact, I couldn't resist picking one from them too (*needs must not have been fully fulfilled*...). So, without any hesitation, I picked a gorgeous one which, I've styled here in this blog post!


So, with my aviator-addiction confession out the way, I thought I'd put together a little post for you, selecting and sharing some of my favourite jackets out there at the moment, just in case you wanted to get your hands on one yourselves!

"It's okay to be a little obsessed with fashion"


Let's begin with my first aviator buy - an amazing Premium Sherling Aviator Jacket from Monki.

I first spotted this on the gorgeous Megan Ellaby and immediately knew that I had to make it mine.

However, after heading to the ASOS and seeing the price, I quietly shed a tear and realised I did not have the strength (or the £90) to purchase it there and then *cries*.

But, as soon as those sales started, there I was, adding it to my basket, and sitting by my front door until my DPD driver arrived and I could finally get my hands on it.

Next we have this lovely one from LOTD. 

This is more of a simplistic look compared to the Monki one: It's less over-sized and has a matte look, rather than the patent vibe that the Monki one has, and it's still equally gorgeous!

The faux-fur is so super soft and cuddly.

The whole thing works perfectly with a good ol' knee high boot and mini skirt, like I've styled it here.

Now, if you're looking for a more budget option, this lovely jacket from Boohoo may just be the answer to all your prayers.

At £55 you can't really go wrong here.

The colour is super cool and you still get all the details like the faux-fur and belt buckle, but all for a much purse-friendly price!

What's not to love?!

This one's for you guys who love a POP of colour.

This incredible PINK Faux-Suede Aviator Jacket (now reduced to £41! eeek!) is the perfect thing for all the 'rainbow' fanatics out there.

It's a jacket that just adds that little extra something-something to a look and will get all those heads turning as you're walking through the street! (Plus, you can't beat a bit of baby pink in your wardrobe, am I right?!)

Last of all, we have this simple all-black aviator jacket by Bershka.

This is a great piece to have in your wardrobe since, with it being entirely black, it will pretty much go with everything, and work with pretty much any look!

I love the lovely little zip detail at the side, and the price tag isn't too shabby either at £69.50!

So, there you go, there are all my aviator jackets picks for you!

Hopefully I've supplied a bit of jacket inspiration, and you get your hands on a jacket that you're obsessed with too!