Ah, look it's another outfit, which, due to this god damn awful weather, I've had to shoot inside. URGH.

Don't get me wrong, I love indoor shoots sometimes. It's a cool change from street-style shots, and also means I get to be much warmer whilst shooting... however, there are only so many backdrops and white bedroom walls I can use until it begins to feel incredibly boring. *yawn*

And, it's just so annoying because I had sooo many plans for outdoor outfit shooting, yet the constant rain and windy weather has just completely brought that to a holt.

I'm hoping I'll be able to get back outside to shoot some cool and creative images soon, but until then, all I can present you with is, yet another, set of self portraits (get me out of the house please!!)..

Regardless of that though, I do really love the pieces in this look!

This gorgeous 'Say No More Ruffle Crop Top' and 'Don't Be Shady Cropped Denim Jacket' are the perfect combination - I love a bit of red and denim together - and they're both from one of my favourite brands at the moment, Nasty Gal!

This crop top is one of my favourite little things to enter my life for a long time, and it just breaks my heart that it's totally not weather appropriate yet (seriously, bring on summer!), but at least I can totally wear this denim jacket out and about now - I love wearing it as a top, all buttoned up and paired with jeans!

If you want to get your hands on these pieces too, you can shop the look here: