The Coat I've Been Desperate To Blog About


Winter weather means layers, warmth and comfy outfits; it means that it's harder not to let my style go completely out the window and find myself happily hiding away in a knitted jumper every day; and it also means that my obsession with sassy outerwear comes out in full force, and there's just no stopping it...

You see, when the colder months hit, I'll be trawling every website and every store for the perfect winter coats, because, let's face it, no matter what outfit I'm wearing throughout the months of November - February, it's just going to get covered by some big puffy coat to keep me warm anyway.

One of my favourite ever additions to my wardrobe (and something that I've been so desperate to blog about) is this amazing pink fluffy faux fur coat from Miss Selfridge.

I remember seeing this hung on a rail at the Arcadia A/W17 Press Day last year, and, from the moment I saw it, I vowed that it would be mine - I was just instantly obsessed with it!

It's just such an amazing statement piece, and also allows you to keep super warm and comfy, yet look incredible fashionable, and sassy as ever, at the same time.

What's not to love?!

I styled it here along with two other gorgeous pieces from Miss Selfridge too: some amazing High Waisted Vinyl Trousers and this lovely little Metallic High Neck Blouse, and I really love all of the colours together in this look - I think the burgundy and the pink contrast so beautifully together!

But, despite this being a bit more of a 'glam' look, you could totally style this coat more casually too with some white mom jeans, white trainers and a turtle neck - or however you like really!

If you want to shop this look, simply find the pieces below:


  1. This coat! These photos! This entire outfit and aesthetic actually, I'm obsessed! Stunning Holly <3

    1. Thank you so so much Andini! Glad you like it! xxx

  2. No wonder you've been desperate to write about it - that's one beautiful, beautiful coat! And I loved how you paired it with those slick trousers.

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. It's fab, isn't it?! Thanks so much lovely! xx

  3. This outfit is totally incredible, especially those freakin trousers omg! I love when you get those pieces and cant wait to share it!

    Hayley xx


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