1. Getting Fit 

This year, a big goal for me is to finally start to love my body and to transform it into something I feel comfortable and confident in. So, with that in mind, I began throwing myself into a regular workout routine on around the 4th of January, and I've never looked back since.

I'm starting to feel so much better about myself. You see, during the past couple of months, I was really struggling with my weight due to my depression and really bad eating disorder habits, that both had seemed to be triggered by the contraceptive I was taking.

I was in a really dark place, putting on weight by the minute and didn't feel like myself at all anymore.

But now, after getting back into a routine of healthier eating and regular exercise, I can see my body changing and it's great to feel that little more confident than I did a month ago.

I just hope I can continue to progress and feel as confident as ever!

2. Changing Contraception 

As I mentioned, last year I was taking Rigevidon (the pill) and it messed with my head completely.

I came off it at the beginning of this year and, my lordy lord lord, it felt like a weight - a huge black cloud - had been lifted from me. I had basically been feeling like a whole different human being for the past 5 months and within one week of not taking the pill, I felt right back to myself again.

And I'm now taking a new contraceptive, which (so far), seems to be working a lot better for me. It's not (again, so far) changed my mood that much, apart from a bit of moodiness, and it's not effecting my body anywhere near like my old contraceptive was (i.e. my boobs are remaining they're normal size and I'm not like a huge bloated seal anymore - wahoo!)

So yeah, changing my contraceptive has definitely made me happier!

3. Blogging Collabs

This year got off to a pretty slow start. I felt like nobody wanted to work with me anymore!

However, I think this may have just been a big ol' case of the January blues, because in the past week or so, I've had some really exciting opportunities come my way and it's got me super excited for what is yet to come this year - I'm hoping to make it the best ever!

4. Test Shoots & Modelling

As I'm writing this, I am sat in my bed, not feeling (or looking) very glamorous whatsoever. But, regardless of that, yesterday I did an wonderful test shoot with a fabulous team and I felt as amazing as ever.

We shot such a range of looks and styles, that I think my portfolio will finally have that bit of 'sexiness' in it that I'm always talking about (I'm usually called 'cute' on a 24/7 basis... and I'm not even that cute, trust me.) and that really excites me!

It's got my 'modelling mojo' in full swing and I can't wait to shoot more this year and work more this year too. I hope I can get as much done as last year - if not more!

"Do it for yourself"

5. Amsterdam

Very soon, I am off to Amsterdam!

Me and my boyfriend are off on a little Netherlands adventure and I really can't wait! It's only for a couple of days, but I think it's going to be just the little break that I've been needing for a long long while.

Hopefully I can get some gorgeous shots there too!

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