So you're left with 5 dresses, 3 of which you didn't even wear, 4 of which you paid full price for and 5 of which you were SO totally excited to get wearing and dance around to Mariah Carey in. Typically, they all scream 'Christmas party!'  and have that 'festive glitz' vibe about them, but, hey, it's January now, what on earth are you going to do with them?


If you're like me, you'll tend to want to shove them to the back of your wardrobe, never to be seen again, until you have an urgent need for 'glitz' for someone's birthday, or, ultimately, it hits the Christmas period again.

However, today I want to convince you not to.

Today, I want to remind you that, styled the right way, those 'ready to wear' party dresses can be perfect for just about any day of the week!

1. Glitz Isn't Just For Christmas

Glitz and sequins aren't just something you're only allowed to dig out around the winter months. If you're a sparkle fan, then why not wear your sequins all the damn time? Why not don your glittery dress at the weekend whilst you're at the bar or even on a weekday styled with a casual jacket and minimal make up look? There's no stopping you!

2. Trainers Are Always The Answer

Trainers are literally the biggest key to dressing down anything in my wardrobe. If I've got a dress or an outfit, and I'm thinking 'hmmmm, Hol, this is a little 'too much' for the day time, isn't it?', then I simple whack on my white Nike's and away I go. There's nothing cuter than a dress-trainer combination anyway, and it instantly makes something seem so much more casual!

3. Make An Occasion

Haven't got an occasion to be wearing that party-wear to? Make an occasion!

Invite all your girlfriends on a night out or round to yours for a 'girls night', or even arrange a cute little 'date night' with your one true love - just find some use for that gorgeous dress god damn it!

4. Have Fun With It

If you're not looking to be wearing that glitzy ensemble out an about, just do what I did and have a bit of fun with it instead!

There's nothing better than getting yourself all glammed up and taking some fun self-portraits or even getting someone else to shoot some photos for you.

At least that way, you've made a bit of a memory out of it!

"Life's too short to wear boring clothes"

So with that, I shall love you and leave you.

Hopefully you enjoyed this little 'festive party-wear recycling tips blog post' (yeah, god knows what to call it haha) - let me know if you're left with a load of unworn party-wear now that it's January too, and also what you plan to do with it!