Okay, we may be heading into (what is meant to be) Spring pretty damn soon, but that’s no reason to be putting all that knitwear to the back of your wardrobe just yet. In fact, I would definitely keep it all out for a good few months if the weather plans to stay as cold as it has been lately!

You see, knitwear has always had prize place in my wardrobe, pretty much all year round, no matter what.

There’s nothing better than being able to put on your favourite jumper/jeans combo and feel super comfy and fabulous simultaneously, or even grabbing for a comfy cardigan on a summer evening once the sun has gone in for the night - knitwear is the key to coziness!

One of my favourite knitwear pieces at the moment is this amazing Black Bardot Fluffy Knit from River Island.

It’s such a lovely piece, which manages to combine style and warmth perfectly. 

I adore how I can create such a ‘sexy’ vibe with a piece of a knitwear like this, which isn’t something I can find I can do with my other knitwear pieces.

I loved pairing this jumper with a simple make up look and bold red lip - a look that’s totally up my alley.

River Island - providing Holly White with total knitwear perfection.

And, with that, I have to say: Trust me, River Island has some absolutely amazing pieces of knitwear at the moment - I highly recommend you head on over to your nearest store, or to their site, and take a look!

If you want to check them out right now (which, *ahem*, you should, *ahem*), then simply click HERE!