It's November, so it basically Christmas/NYE party time... right?

Well, regardless of whether you're not one for the early festivities, or whether you're ready to rumble with the Mariah Carey soundtrack on the 1st November, today I'm going to *attempt* to ignite your party spirits.

You see, there's nothing I love more than a little dance and a boogie to a bit of 80s/90s music... or whatever music tickles ya fancy. It literally brings out all those little bubbles of giddy joy in me, or that could just be the 3rd gin and tonic I'm drinking... I don't know. Anyway, I love music, I love spending time with friends, I love putting on a nice little dress and enjoying myself - especially at this time of year.

But, well, this year has been tough, and even when I've been out or had a bit of dance in my favourite bar or done a little skip down the street, I always had something in the back on my mind. My mind has never felt empty of worry.

The years been filled with a lot of down moments, a lot of tough times and a lot of stress, so it's safe it say I'm COMPLETELY ready to party my troubles away, worry-free, once and for all.

The great thing about it too now is that, I'm surrounded with people who are ready to dance my troubles away with me as well - people that want to say sayonara to my problems as much as I do. I'm so grateful to have people around me who are constantly lifting me up and reminding me that I'm allowed to feel the good, bad and the ugly, but I deserve to feel the best!

And, well, what better way to wave goodbye to my troubles than whilst dressed in some gorgeous dresses, am I right?!

If you're wondering where these two fabulous pieces are from, they're from Sister Jane and Ghospell.

This amazing velvet dress is the perfect thing for the colder season... you know, when we all become hermits and live off of mince pies and Yorkshire puddings 24/7?

The fit of it is super flattering, whilst also being sooo loose and comfortable (major room for food babies). 

I love the gold buttons and the beautiful Burgundy colour - so perfect for A/W.

Then this fabulous polka dot dress from Ghospell has the most amazing sleeves! I love the contrast between that and the fitted shape of the dress, plus who doesn't love a little bit of polka dot? It's a classic!

Ghospell honestly have some of the best dresses - all of my favourites are from there right now.

Anyway, moving away from my snazzy dresses, and back to my main point.

If you, like me, have had one hell of a year, and are ready to say a big good bye to your working woes and mental health blips, then grab yourself a nice little party dress, turn on your favourite music, dance like you're part of Beyonce's squad, and party your god damn troubles away - even if just for one night!

We all deserve to just dance it out, drink it out, party it out, whether it be for every Friday until the end of December or whether it's literally just for a few hours one night for your Christmas do'.