It's safe to say I'm a bit of a push over. I'm always going to be a person who's easily overcome. But one thing I vouched to myself this year, was that I would try and grow a bit of a back bone - that I would learn to stand up for myself and remember that I deserve to be treated just the same as everyone else.

You see, I'm not a business woman. I fell into every line of work I'm in (I would like to say that I fell passionately into these things, they were things I felt I could do and that I was good at), so I've never really learnt the ways of the 'business' world, and anything I have learnt, I've learnt through experience. So, when it comes to earning money, rates, pitches etc. etc, I've always gone about it in my own kind of way (and a lost way at that).

However, I've spent the last few months getting myself clued up on things and, my god, have my eyes been opened.

I've been naive.

I've been unorganized.

I've not had my head screwed on the right way.

Which means, I've been going about things all wrong for the past few years.

Okay, maybe not 'all wrong' but definitely not the best way I could have been doing things.


I've never learnt to stand up for myself in business. I've been letting people take take take and I've been giving giving giving, all for a scrap of money or nothing at all. Yet, my time is valuable, right? I use my time to create content that people seem to enjoy, and that people want me to create for them, yet I wasn't getting the 'recognition' or... well, money, that I should have been for it.

So, it's safe to say I'm not letting that happen anymore. If you want my 'services' as a blogger, model or whatever you want me for, then you can pay me for it. My job isn't a joke to me and it shouldn't be to you.

If you're out there, working in a creative industry and someone wants something for 'free' or they want to pay you with 'free clothes' or 'exposure', don't allow it. Sure, this has all definitely been said before, but still, I never felt like it applied to me as a smaller blogger. I never felt like I could stand my ground, but I CAN and YOU CAN too! I'm not letting myself work for nothing anymore - this is my job, this is how I earn my living and I don't think Sandra in HR would appreciate it if they paid her with a TShirt, so why should we?


I'm forever waiting on late payments too. I never used to chase them, or to be completely honest, be *that* organised with it all. However, that's no longer the case. If you don't pay me on time, I know about it and I will question it - I'm the most money-organised version of myself right now.

If I've completed work for you, for a standard you have agreed is what you want, why on earth am I not being compensated for it? ESPECIALLY when I've given you 60 days to do so.

The world's gone mad with invoicing, I swear.

Chasing invoices has now become my life, but at the end of the day, if you've earnt money and it's not given to you, you have the right to chase it up and say something about it.

Lastly, I can safely say I spent a lot of time last year being pressured to work on things I wasn't exactly happy working on.

I helped people out with things, gave them my time and effort, and didn't get what I wanted out of it in return, and that's not fair.

This year, I'm only working on things I 100% want to and that I 100% know I'll get something great out of. Don't settle for less just because you feel bad or guilty for not doing so.

Especially with my new 'revamp' underway, I only want to be putting my best stuff out there and not just posting things for the sake of making someone happy. My content represents me as a creative and I don't want that representation to be 'well, that's a bit half-arsed'.

No more peer-pressure in 2019 for Hol.