As much as I love getting creative with what I'm wearing, I can't honestly say that that's how I dress 24/7. Most of the time you can find me in my trusty dungarees and a baggy jumper, or donning a pair of comfortable trousers and trainers.

I LIVE for being comfy.

Maybe it has something to do with my job involving me being placed in uncomfortable cold locations, or being asked to squeeze into tiny clothes or shoes a size too small a lot of the time, but I just can't help but opt for the more comfy clothing choices when I'm off-duty.


Here is a prime example of a lazy look I'd put together.

  • Knitwear, check.
  • Loose Trousers, check.
  • Trainers, check.
  • Hair tied back, check.
All the things that, to me, symbolise 'comfy'.

I mean, who doesn't love getting about with their hair tied back, not worrying if the rain has ruined your fringe, or whether your curls have dropped out???

And, who doesn't love swanning round in a comfy knit, not having to complain that they're freezing their tits off, right?


Basically, I'm not walking round fashioning well-put-together outfits all the time, I'm usually trying to keep myself as snug as possible.

Though that isn't to say I don't wear more thought-out looks, because I do, but just for a simple day or running errands or hanging out with my boyfriend, this is what I'd go for.

"That's not my vibe when I'm literally nipping to ASDA to get myself a packet of Monster Munch"

Now, let me run you through the look (as short as this may be).

Here I've styled this cute little Miss Selfridge cardigan with my green & Other Stories palazzo trousers. I love the contrast between the textures of these, there's the thick knit of the cardi, alongside with the woollen material of the trousers - both perfect for cold and miserable days in the UK. I've, of course, stuck these with my trusty Primark white trainers (these and my black boots are basically my go-to shoes), to completely casual-ise the look entirely. Needless to say, this look could definitely be dressed up a bit with the added factor of a heel, a cute bag and some statement earrings, but that's not my vibe when I'm literally nipping to ASDA to get myself a packet of Monster Munch.

I have still incorporated a little pair of earrings though - this lovely tortoise shell pair gifted to me by NEXT the other week. They're great for a day-to-day look. And, if you know me, you know I can't get about without a pair of earrings in.

My day-to-day style isn't the most amazing, but it's wearable and workable. I always try and opt for things that can transition from day to night because you never know when your mate is going to suggest popping for a gin and tonic or two, plus chances are you might stumble across the perfect location to snap a glam photo (I'm looking at you, fashion bloggers).

Everyone has their more comfortable outfits, and their more out-there looks, I just thought it'd be nice to share one on here for once, since I've been waving block heeled boots and mini bags in your faces for a few weeks.

So, voila!