Summer Colour Palette


This year we've barely seen the sunshine (seriously, 1 week a month just doesn't cut it), which had left me feeling a little at a loss when it came to adding colours into my summer wardrobe. I was excited to experiment with different patterns and florals, and imagined a rainbow of pieces filling my clothing rails. It's not hard to see that I'm a huge lover of all things neutrals and black and white usually, so when summer rolled around, I was excited to insert a little more vibrancy to reflect (what I hoped would be) the glorious sunny weather.

Regardless of the up and down weather, I've still managed to add a little colour into a few of my looks, and it seems to be the same sort of colours popping up all the time. I've noticed that these colours work best with what's already in my wardrobe, and I think that they're colours you'd be able to transition into the autumn season super easily.

So, let's see what colours I've been gravitating towards, shall we...


Orange isn't a colour I normally gravitate towards, but this summer I've been really drawn to it. I'd been eyeing up a few orange summer dresses for a while, but my life was complete when Studio Fantastique sent this beautiful piece over to me to wear.

Their pieces, including this one, are created from locally manufactured fabrics (in Barcelona!), that have come from dead-stocks or vintage pieces, and are designed to last a lifetime. The fact that they're created in a sustainable way, and their idea of reusing materials that were originally destined for landfills, is something that really drew me in - I couldn't believe such beautifully pieces could be made like that!

I didn't realise just how well this kind of colour slotted into my wardrobe either. I love orange paired with brown boots or white sandals, and it works wonders for colour-blocking with a bit of black.

I'm super super inspired by this colour right now!


We all know I'm a sucker for a yellow shade, especially that mustard tone that has been super popular this year. I love how reflective it is of the summer days and sunshine, and I just think it's a super happy colour to wear. Earlier this year I picked up a yellow blazer from TK Maxx and it has been a staple of mine ever since. It's perfect for pairing with denim jeans and a white tee, but also works lovely with a little summer dress underneath.

I've been loving pastel yellow too. I keep spying some amazing pastel pieces in Zara right now, and if I had another summer holiday planned, then I'd be picking them all up ASAP.


Whether it's a denim piece or chambray shirt, blue is a colour that always reminds me of spring/summer. I love the way it mixes in nicely with the white and beiges in my wardrobe, as well as the way it contrasts with my hair. It's that 'light' and 'airy' colour that just feels casual and cool to be in. I love mixing pastel blue with white especially - it's so cute and elegant!

Obviously denim pieces work all year round, but I love transitioning cami tops and dresses into colder seasons with jackets and cardigans. I have a couple of blue summer blouses that I can picture looking really good under a chunky knit or navy blazer.

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