My collection of golden gems is enough to accessorize an army, but there will always be more pieces that I'll have my eye on and just can't help but gravitate towards.

Back in May, I got to head down for a lovely lunch with Calvin Klein, where I got to check out some of their latest jewellery pieces (as well as enjoy some yummy food, of course). I clearly remember there being a collection of new styles lay out beautifully on display and my body instantly floating over to them, as if I was being magnitized by the sight of more. gold. jewellery. (seriously, I'm obsessed).

These were the 'Clink' and 'Bubbly' collections. There was something about them just so 'me', I just couldn't resist adding them to my 'must one day purchase' list.

The PR's over at Swatch UK kindly loaned me some pieces from these collections to get creative with, so I thought why not talk them through with you guys!

First up we have the 'Clink' collection. These are pieces featuring a ring motif, in a champagne gold stainless steel. I love the design of these - there's something so minimal yet quirky about them - and they're such easy to wear pieces.

The 'Clink' necklace is great. It features an adjustable chain, allowing you to wear the piece longer or shorter, depending on your preference. It's a wonderful costume piece, but also great for day-to-day if you want to add a bit of a statement to your look.

Same goes for the bracelet. This is such a lovely little accessory - something that would work great for a night out with the girls, but also something just to spruce up your work outfit a bit. I'm not usually one for chunky bangles, but this one is one that I could definitely get on board with, especially since it doesn't feel remotely heavy at all. It's not the kind of thing that would be weighing down your wrist all day!

I have to say though, the earrings are my favourite. You all know I'm a sucker for a good earring, and these definitely don't disappoint. Again, they're so great for every day wear - they're one of the pieces in this collection that I can see myself wearing constantly. I love the way they hang on the ear so delicately, yet are super unique and eye catching too. The colour of them is gorgeous and they work wonderfully with my new 'do. What's not to love?

Then we have the 'Bubbly' collection, to which here I am referring to the rings I'm wearing. These feature white pearl bubbles with stainless steel bands. I have a HUGE thing for pearls - I find them so classic and timeless - so these rings are a dream to me!

The 'Bubbly' Ring Set comes with 2 rings, one with a pearl bubble and the other with a gold bubble. I love the fact the you're getting 2 rings here - so often I find rings that I love but can't afford to just splurge on 1 - this gives us a reason to tell our poor bank accounts that we're allowed to splurge on 2, right?!

The design of them is simple and chic - very Calvin Klein - and they're the kind of thing that I would be grabbing for each day to complete my looks.

I'm also wearing the CK 'Bubbly' Ring, which features a pearl bubble and a kind of 'cuff link' style aspect. I like this ring simply for it's more modern twist. It's got the classic pearl yet this open gap between that and the other side of the design - it's definitely got more of an androgynous feel to it and can create a more 'bold' look than the ring set, if you're more inclined to statement pieces.

So, that's it! Those are the pieces - I'm still completely in awe of how gorgeous they all are!

Did anything catch your eye? What do you think of the collections? Let me know down in comments below!

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