Recently, I've been in this mindset where I'm just ready to start anew. I don't know whether it's the impending new year, or just the fact that this year itself has felt a little all over the place, but I've landed in December with a head full of clear ideas and inspiration.

As I type this, there's 7 bin bags of clothes, ready and awaiting the BHF to come and collect them. I got really honest with myself and realised no person needs more than a wardrobe of clothes... well I truly don't anyway. I spent days going through everything I owned and just being really honest with myself as to whether they were pieces I was ever going to get any wear out of again - for a lot of them, I brutally had to say 'no'.

With that in mind, my wardrobe has been left in a state of just 'day-to-day' basics, which actually feels really refreshing. It's like a new beginning for me to build off of style-wise, and it's meant I've had some time to figure out what's truly missing from my collection, and what's no longer needed.

It's also meant that for the past few weeks, I've been left to re-work all of the basics in my wardrobe and find new ways for them to be styled together, which has been really fun and sparked a bit of creativity back into my everyday attire.

Take my black blazer for example. It's one of my absolute favourite finds from one of my charity shop sprees, but I always seemed to find myself styling it with your everyday jeans and trainers, which is great... but it got a little samey for me. It's been interesting to style it with skirts, trousers, knee high boots and all of the other pieces that seemed to have been collecting dust at the back of my wardrobe over the past year. It's meant that I've experimented with layering and worked with more than just that stereotypical 'androgynous' over-sized blazer look.

The mindset I'm in right now has really been helped by the de-cluttering of my possessions and stripping things back to the essentials in my wardrobe. It's really nice to not feel overwhelmed by clothes when it comes to creating looks and it's nice to finally have some time to sit back and really think about the kind of style I want my collection to exude.

If you're feeling in a rut, I totally recommend having a big clear out and stepping back to understand your style more clearly - it's a really refreshing feeling!

Also, what are some of the staples in your wardrobe? Is there something that could be missing from mine?!