Who'd have thought it, hey? Little ol' me getting to test out Burberry products as part of my job - what a dream come true!

Today I wanted to share with you this easy-to-wear, day-to-day look I created using solely Burberry Beauty products, including the gorgeous NEW Burberry Matte Glow Foundation.

*Burberry Beauty can be found super easily on the Feel Unique and Look Fantastic sites*

The new foundation has a matte finish, but also with a 'glow' element, that helps perfect your complexion and keep things concealed all day long, without looking 'heavy' on the skin. It's available in 30 shades, in a variety of skin tones, and contains spherical powders which keep that pesky 'shine' under control.

It's really easy to find your shade using Burberry Beauty's shade finder, where you can match yourself up based on the 'coolness' or 'warmth' of your skin.

Now, despite me not being one to usually wear foundation, I was very excited to give this a whirl, as I've recently been having a lot of breakouts that sometimes concealer alone just won't cover! I found this foundation really helps to 'perfect' the skin and feels so super soft when applied. 

I also got to test out Burberry's Cat Lashes Mascara too, which is now my go-to mascara! You can see how I created the look in the video below: 

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