Faux leather is everywhere right now; from the high street, to vintage shops and my daily depop scrolls, it's simply all I've had my eye on. We're a society of trend magpies, and if something looks cool, then you'll 100% find me v-lining my way to it in every store.

The thing is, over the festive break I seemed to have found myself in a 'comfy jumper and jeans' wormhole. The weather outside has been cold and gloomy, and no one likes standing at their local train station shivering at 6am in the morning. But, as we have edged further and further in to the new year, I've slowly started to get that inspiration back and the styling juices flowing again. This is all, of course, with a little help from a dreamy Glamorous delivery.

These two pieces were kindly gifted to me, and boy oh boy am I happy with them!

I've had my eye on a shirt jacket like this for so long. There's just something about that 'tan' shade that I find so eye catching, and perfect to break up all of the all black ensembles I've been fashioning for the past 3 months. I love how much of a statement faux leather can make too, it's like an amazing combination of 'chic' yet completely 'bad ass' at the same time.

It's the perfect thing to stay cosy in as well, whilst not having to layer up with knitwear and scarves at the same time. Plus, I just find it completely timeless and versatile, with being able to wear it both buttoned up and open as a jacket too!


Leather trousers are a big deal for me. I always have that worry that I'm going to end up in a situation like Ross from Friends, trying to squeeze back into a pair, ending up covered in some sort of baby lotion, baby powder mess, and then having to walk back home in just my undies (not a good look). However, this pair are an absolute dream and I cannot fault them!

They're in a sort of kick-flare style, which is a style I'm slowly but surely falling obsessed with and find super flattering. The croc detail just gives them that little bit of something extra and help to break up a look if you are opting for that 'all black, I cannot fathom getting dressed' vibe. And, more than anything, they're just really really bloody comfy. They've become an absolute go-to for me.

I mean, what can I say? I'm completely on board with the faux leather look right now. I can't wait for my brain to kick back into gear and get styling it some more!

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