Now more than ever I have felt that sense of community amongst us all. I've noticed this unending stream of kindness from others each day - an overwhelming sense of support for one another - and it just feels so incredible that, in times like these, we're able to lift each other up, even in the smallest of ways.

From simple comments on each other's photos, to messages checking up on each other, and flowers sent to our doorsteps, the love and support floating round right now is truly heart-warming.

I think it's so important to lift each other up in life, pandemic or no pandemic. It's so amazing to be able to support your friends, your colleagues, your family, and celebrate every little victory.

Sometimes within the whirlwind of life, I think we forget what a simple 'this is great!' or 'well done!' can mean to someone. It's the little things in life that keep us going, that keep us spurring onward towards what we want.

Whether your friend got a new job, baked a cake, posted a pretty photo or even just managed to shower, celebrate it! Live in those small moments of success and recognize the power of excitement they can hold, maybe not for you, but for the other person.

Sometimes people don't celebrate themselves enough, and a little encouragement from others can bring such a light into someone's day. I know for a fact that I doubt myself a lot, and I never really recognise when I've done something good, or even great. Yet, it's the support from friends/family/whoever that can bring me to the realisation that, yeah, I've done something worth celebrating.

I hope that this level of love and support between us all continues even through brighter times. I hope to see more of us all championing each other and spreading love as far as we can.

Lots of love to you all x

"it is easy to believe that you are not enough, but you cannot even comprehend how enough you actually are." - Eleanor Russell