Hello guys, how are we all? I haven't done one of these blog posts in a while, and after a bit of low (very hormonal) week last week, I thought it would be nice to start the new week off on a positive note with some things that have made me happy lately. So let's go!

Lovely Gifts From Lovely People

During this time, it has been super hard to be away from loved ones. I'm so used to be joined at the hip with Josh and my pals, so to have not seen them in 2 months is completely crazy. However, this time has also been spent growing even closer to new friends and learning more about people, as we all navigate our way through this weird time, so that's been really nice to have - it's kind of filling my social butterfly void, if you get what I mean.

Over the past week or two I've been surprised by some lovely little packages/treats arriving in the post, and it's just made my heart feel so so full, and kept me going, even on the harder days.

From flowers to boxes of chocolates (that were devoured in one sitting, of course), it's been so nice to connect with loved ones and friends in a different, and I guess, a little more old-fashioned way. It's so amazing what a bunch of flowers or a card from a friend can do to lift your mood.

I truly have some fab people in my life.

Mission: 'Decorate Bedroom' - Almost Complete

At the start of lockdown, I made it my 'isolation project' to redecorate and switch up my bedroom, to create a more organised and usable workspace for myself. It's been a little tricky, as with still living at home, it's hard to fit your dream apartment into some narrow 4 walls, but I'm so so happy with the progress I've made. Sure, I'm still working from my bed (there is no space for a desk in here, and my lazy ass probably wouldn't use it anyway) and there are a few finishing touches that I want to add, but in comparison to what it was like at the beginning of March, it's like a whole new bedroom!

I can't wait to show you guys once I'm content with it all - I'm still just awaiting a few more decorations - eeeek!

Finding My Flow With Content Creation & Listening To My Emotions

As much as this time in lockdown has been a struggle in a lot of ways, I feel like it has also been a good time for self-reflection. I've really come to understand my own emotions, and learnt a lot about myself that I usually would just push to the back of my mind. I feel like in comparison to a couple of months ago, I'm a lot less harder on myself than I used to be. I mean, I'm not perfect, I still get caught up in the comparison bug and find myself feeling low quite often, but it's how I deal with those situations that has changed.

I feel like I've slowly learnt what I truly enjoy creating too. I've gone completely full-circle and right back to the roots of this blog name. I've always loved simplicity, I've always loved self-shooting, and I feel like I've finally figured out my flow with that.

I've always looked at life through some sort of camera lens, and it's amazing to get to share that 'vision' (clearly been watching too much That's So Raven here) with you guys, both on here and on Instagram.

I'm finally taking leaps into new ideas that I was too scared to do before, and it's given me a sense of bravery and topped up my confidence a bit, for sure.

"look for small, but full happiness"

Let me know what's been making you feel happy lately too, I would love to know!

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