So, I did a thing! After not having a hair cut since Christmas, I was desperately craving some change. I used every inch of my willpower, over the past few months of lockdown, to resist the urge to chop my own locks into some Marianne-esque look (which I know we've all been desperate to do ever since the release of Normal People), so when those salons opened again I just had to finally do it, but with an actual professional in control of the scissors, of course.

It's crazy how much a hair cut can lift your mood and your confidence. I'd gotten to a point where I just felt so lost looking at myself, and all of my confidence had dwindled. I had become and absolute hermit and my hair showed it. This hair cut has been like a new lease of life, as dramatic as that sounds, but it's true!

Anyway, moving on from haircuts and all that jazz, I haven't got too much to fill you in on. The last few weeks have been spent venturing out a little more, reuniting with friends and finally having a drink or two (or six) in a pub again.

It's really nice to be able to see people after all this time, and it's weird how little things have changed. I thought things would feel super different, but it's like slipping on an old comfortable pair of shoes that feel like home.

One exciting thing I did get up to was a little staycation in Wales for two nights. Josh and I, and a couple of friends, ventured down to Ruthin where we saw many a sheep, cow and seagull, and played a lot of beer pong and divulged in Chinese food too. Just a simple change of scenery and escapism was such a mood-lifter. I don't think I'd realised just how stuck I'd began to feel at home, and its really made me miss simple days out and time with friends. I'm so glad we're able to do more of that now!

Other than that, I've been at home working on collaborations and simply over-using my back garden for outdoor shots, as per usual. I'm still enjoying pottering around the house and ticking off my to-do list, but I'm also taking a lot of time for myself to just relax and zone out, with Grey's Anatomy repeats and cups of tea.

Sometimes we all need a little rest!

Let me know what you've been up to the past few weeks! Have you had a haircut yet, seen friends, visited somewhere new?