As life begins to turn to normal, I'm slowly trying to find my feet again with fashion. I mean, I've been living in comfy tracksuit bottoms and over-sized sweatshirts for 4 months, I'm bound to have lost my mojo, right?

I guess I've not exactly lost my mojo altogether, I've still got the urge to buy every beige piece in sight or pop on a black dress and a red lip when I want to feel fancy, but I think I've just lost that sense of city style. You know? Those outfits that you'd wear into the city for coffee dates or the pieces you'd put on on a down day that make you feel amazing again? I seem to be unable to combine an outfit that feels like 'me' in that sense. Maybe it's the lack of having places to wear things (I miss Manchester bars and shooting photos in the city *cries*!) I seem to only grab for what feels simple and suitable for my village life, surrounded by high school peers and elderly women who look me up and down when I'm too dressed up for a trip to the post office.

There's never a wrong occasion for a puff sleeve and a heeled boot Karen!

I spend a lot of time moodboarding - saving styles and aesthetically pleasing pictures that I like. There's something about curating all those eye-catching things in one place that has really kept my creativity going this year. I guess you could say it's way of me musing over what trends I like, and tones too. I know I'm a neutral lover - there's no doubt about that - but I do sometimes find myself being caught off guard by how enticed I can be by a splash of colour or a statement look I might not usually gravitate towards.

Take this gorgeous blouse from Ghospell for example (this piece was kindly gifted!) I've gotten so used to wearing comfy tees and trainers this year and, don't get me wrong, I love a comfy chic look like that, but I've missed pushing the boat out a bit and having pieces to get dressed up in.

There was something about this blouse that I just couldn't resist when I saw it... I mean, I know it's nothing too far out of my comfort zone, but I can't remember the last time I felt the urge to wear something like this, so it had me really giddy!

I love how bold and out-there for my current style it feels and it was definitely that silhouette that caught my eye (I mean, LOOK!) I just desperately wanted to add it into my wardrobe and see how I could play around with it!


Now, I know what you're thinking, "the 80s called and they want their outfit back", but oh. my. god. as soon as I put this look together, I felt like an icon. I felt like someone had just dragged me out of Heathers and plonked me in 2020 and I was here for it!

Everything about this blouse is just perfect. From the statement shoulder, to the cinched-in waist and bright blue colour, it just combines the most classic, yet retro feel. It has little concealed buttons too, which I think is such a great touch, because it eliminates that whole messing around trying to wrap your top the right way thing!

Here I decided to style it up with a white tennis skirt, as I wanted to have something that would keep the waist accentuated, and also my trusty white heels, as it felt like the perfect outfit to be colour-blocking with! I really love how this look came out.

Sometimes it's nice to reach for clothing that's out of your comfort zone, to experiment with colours and shapes. I've definitely missed doing that this year and this look gave me that boost I needed when it comes to styling again ♥

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