I love discovering new beauty brands - I feel like there are so many out there that sometimes I get stuck in my ways of using the same old products even if they aren't quite working for me anymore. When a new brand enters my life, I often begin apprehensive to try things, simply out of the fear of change (and the potential of an inevitable break-out), but I normally end up finding a new product or two that feels like it should have been part of my routine all along.

I was kindly sent a bunch of goodies from Code8 recently - they're a London-born brand who have set out to challenge the codes of make-up and change the beauty industry. They believe make-up is there to express all beauty ideals, regardless of age, skin colour and look preferences, and I think that's really great! Their aim is to simplify make-up and allow people to develop their own individual style in beauty.

As someone who finds make-up to be a little daunting sometimes (I still use my hands to apply 90% of my products to my face and have been using the same brand of concealer since I was 16, ooops), a brand that can simplify beauty and provide a range of products that suit every undertone is like a dream for me!


Today, I wanted to talk you through some of the products from Code8 beauty that I've already fallen in love with. I'm sure I'll be back to chat about the rest once I've had chance to give everything a whirl!

If you have any Code8 recommendations for me to try, let me know - I'm really loving the brand so far.

Seamless Cover Perfecting Concealer

Out of everything that Code8 sent over, this is my favourite product so far. As I mentioned, I've always used the same old concealer - returning to it after trying others and not getting the same coverage or colour match - but this one was a product I fell in love with after the first use.

I have a lot of scars and marks mixed in with my freckly complexion from previous breakouts, and this concealer manages to cover them so seamlessly (I guess that's why it's got that name haha). It's enriched with Glucan Bipolymers to smooth skin and is perfectly build-able depending on the amount of coverage you need. It also last all day long without turning cakey - something I've found a lot of other concealers tend to do.

Colour Brilliance Lipstick

We all know I'm a lipstick gal, and lipsticks are probably the product that I try out the most when trialing new brands. I received the shade 'La Piscine' in Code8's Colour Brilliant Lipstick and it is just the perfect, barely-there, nude beige shade.

These lipsticks have a creamy formula, using a blend of  hydrating oils and waxes, are paraben free and are also super long lasting too!

Bronze Summer Glow Powder

2020 has truly been the year of the bronze for me. I never used to wear a bronzed look at all, but nowadays it's my daily make-up routine and I'm obsessed with a golden glow!

Code8's Bronze Summer Glow Powder is perfect for giving you that natural sun-kissed glow (even if you live in the rainy North West, like me - fake it till you make it baby haha). It contains finely milled particles that mimic your natural complexion and it can be used all over the face on top of your foundation and contour.

I love to apply mine after moisturizing and over my concealer for a lovely day-to-day glow!

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