Hello lovely people, I hope we're all well and having a good end to our October. Life lately has felt like a complete whirlwind - it has all year honestly - but I'm finally taking a moment to sit down and write, which is always very cathartic for me, even if it is a simple clothing edit... which this in-fact is!

Now this is a trend I've been missing out on! I recently picked up this cute mesh top in the H&M sale and, since it's arrived, I've not wanted to take it off. I absolutely adore the fit and style, it's perfect to pair with basically anything, and it's one of those pieces that makes you feel like you've instantly made an effort. 

In the spirit of my fabulous new purchase, I thought I'd throw together a little 'Mesh Edit' and share some of the other similar pieces I've had my eye on lately. Enjoy, and let me know if anything takes your fancy!