Okay, so here we go...
I have wanted to start up a blog for quite a long time now, but i never seemed to pluck up the guts to do so, (although i have made several goes in the past but chickened out hahaha).

I'm Holly, a complete and utter fashion, beauty and style enthusiast. Yes that's right, i'm the girl that adores taking pretty photographs of the simplest things, buys too many clothes and falls in love with 17 different red lipsticks. I love fashion and the way that different people can express themselves through what they wear and the same applies to make-up.

I have created my blog now as i feel like the time is right. I want to share my interests and also experience having something of my own; this blog will be my own space to write about whatever i want  (i love that).

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, let's see how this goes..