Sometimes in life we all just need to escape the stress of everyday goings on. My recent holiday to Mallorca gave me this opportunity and I have to say, it really did feel good to get away.

Whilst on holiday, I experienced many new things and saw some beautiful places.
The sunshine, for example, was just one simple thing that I'm not used to enjoying. Usually as the sun comes out, I hide away, since I am so prone to sun burn. But on this holiday, waking up to a lovely sunny day really brightened my mood and made each day feel pretty positive. I didn't get sunburnt and for the first time ever, I enjoyed sun bathing in the glorious sun.
Another thing was getting out the house, going for walks and seeing all the different things that there were. Doing this made me feel a huge appreciation for nature and how beautiful it is; I couldn't stop taking photos of everything for the whole week. Getting up and out sometimes can help to clear your head and make you think about different things than the usual.
One day, we went out on a boat trip to see lots of beautiful coves and sandy beaches; it was wonderful. It was super refreshing to see such a relaxed environment compared to busy roads and rushing people. The boat even stopped so that people could get into the water and have a swim. The water was crystal clear and it was just such a nice thing to say I had experienced.
The last thing was just getting to RELAX, something which I never really get to do. It was nice to just stop and take in everything around you rather than having to stress or rush round. Everyone needs to get away sometimes and it really can help you feel a lot better within yourself.