I am taking part in La Redoute's Capsule Wardrobe Campaign - here's are my looks!

Every gal knows that a shirt is a classic item to have in your wardrobe and La Redoute decided that this was the piece that they wanted me to style for their campaign. I chose this pretty white shirt and I instantly knew I would be pairing it up with my black coat.

For my first look, I wanted to kind of create a kind of 'working girl' vibe. Now, I know heels might not be everyone's ideal work footwear but for the purpose of this post - just go with it. I could see myself strutting the streets of Paris, on my way to my amazing editor/stylist/model job wearing this look and feeling pretty damn fabulous.... okay...dream on Hol...but yeah, that was my inspiration ahahaha. I love the monochromatic look and think that you can't go wrong when styling a shirt that way.

This is a look that would be something I'd definitely style up for everyday wear (she says despite the fact that she spends most her days in her PJs.). Since this shirt has a much more feminine feel to it than the pieces I normally wear, I have gone for a much girlier everyday look. I wanted to create a casual style that would be great for just popping into town and running errands (even though I just sit here, at my laptop haha) ...

I decided to style my La Redoute blouse along with my Topshop Joni Jeans, my H&M trench and my heeled Chelsea boots. I think these jeans are great for adding that little pop of colour and the fitted style contrasts perfectly with the floaty top. The trench adds a bit of a feminine touch, whilst I feel that the boots keep the look kindaa sassy - we all love a bit of sass. I also opted to wear Vegas Volt lipstick from MAC (check out my MAC Lipstick Collection here) since I think it pulled all the colours in the look together nicely and created a kind of 'spring time' vibe.

However, if I were going to make this look a little more 'me' and less 'girly', I would definitely grab for some skinny black trousers and a white bag, since you know that I love my monochrome! 

Oh man did I feel girly in this outfit and yep, that was totally what I was going for. For my third look I wanted to create an outfit that still stuck to my simplistic style but also had a bit of a 'girly girl' element. We still get the black and white from the blouse and my heels but the little touch of pink gives it a whole other vibe. 

Here I styled my shirt along with this gorgeous pink midi and my BEAU-TI-FUL new heels, both from Asos. and I really really like it. If you watched my Mini Blogger Haul over on my youtube channel, you would have heard me say that this white shirt is much more girly than the pieces I usually wear but to be honest, I don't know what I was that worried about! The only thing I find is that due to the loose style of the shirt, it's very difficult to tuck in which, is something I love to do with tops, other than that, it's lovely! 

Wearing this skirt made me realise that it's easy to add more 'feminine' items to a 'trouser- orientated' 'minimalist' wardrobe. I can still strut the streets in monochrome looks but adding skirts and dresses just makes me feel a little bit more like princess than a sassy queen. 

When I chose this shirt to style for the campaign, I did begin to question, 'wait, how am I going to make this look badass?!' and well I gave it my best shot right here...

Here I decided to turn the shirt's girly vibe on it's head and go totally 'biker chic' or 'cat woman esque' haha, how else can i describe it?! I styled the shirt underneath my black and white polka dot jumper from Mango, allowing only the collar to pop through to add that tiny 'feminine' touch. I whacked on these skinny trousers from ASOS, which make me feel like I'm about to jump on a motor cycle and zoom off into the distance (that would never happen, but ya know) and also grabbed my new favourite heels to add that classy feelin'. Adding my bomber jacket at the end was the perfect finishing touch and makes me feel like a complete badass...even though I wouldn't hurt a fly...

Now I've done work wear, every day, girl and bad-ass. In what other way could I possibly style this shirt?... Yes, that's it! Comfy and cosy!

It's no doubt that this outfit makes me look like a giant toddler... but I shall not lie, it was bloody comfy. There's also no doubt that dungarees have made a comeback so I most definitely had to style my lovely La Redoute shirt along with them.

This outfit is pretty basic, but the pretty peter pan collar on the shirt and the pointed flats give it that little element of class which I like. So, I suppose I should actually say it's  'Comfy and Classy!'

As much as shirts are worn formally, you can always dress one down like this and it makes you realise just how versatile shirts/blouses really are!