Styling A Maxi When It Ain't That Hot



Maxi dresses are definitely more of a summer item, don't you agree? When I was rooting through my wardrobe the other day, I dug out this lovely black maxi I bought from H&M and it dawned on me that I'd barely worn it. I absoloutley love the dress, but since the weather isn't always top notch here in the UK, it's been hard to find the right time to wear it. So, I started thinking 'how could I wear it?'

Here I've put my maxi together with a high neck white tee, a black clutch and my pointed flats and I feel fab about the outcome. I think this outfit looks pretty damn coool. Adding the tee underneath makes the look a lot more wearable for everyday and also gives you a little bit of insulation. The pointed flats are just able to give the look a 'smart' vibe without being too much and I can defff see myself wearing my maxi a lot more thanks to this little experiment! yaaay!


  1. Laughing at your title! I love how you styled this maxi---adding the T-shirt made it a hunderd times cuter than it already was <3
    She Will Be

  2. This is such a clever look; I'd never think to style a maxi for colder, typically British weather! I'm definitely going to try it! X


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