Grey Day with Closet London


Morning all! Firstly, let me apologise for the fact that I should have probably ironed this dress however, when a girl's gotta shoot her blog photos, she's gotta just go for it! Anyway, today's post features another lovely piece from Closet London. You may have seen this piece in my Blogger Haul over on my channel and if you did you would have heard me say that the thing that drew me to this was the colour - ain't it dreamy?

I love the colour grey and this dress just had to be mine! Here, I decided to style it up with just my black Asos heels and a neutral make up look. I thought simple would be best with this dress and yeah, I'm totally diggin' it... Alternatively I would opt for a dark purple lip and maybe grab for a leather jacket and boots to make a more grungy look (might do a post like that soon if I get chance!) Anyway, I love this dress - another gorgeous piece from Closet London.

Check out Closet London here!


  1. Ahh this is so soo gorgeous!! I LOVE that collocation so much!!Thanks for sharing these.

    Lynda & DylanQueen

  2. Great dress! The colour is really gorgeous.

    Rachel |

  3. I saw this on your instagram or twitter and thought you looked amazing! Realllly suits you

  4. How stunning is this dress! Also the background you have going on in these outfit posts is amazing, I'm jealous of a background... that's weird haha. Anyway, you look stunning. H x

    1. haha, it's just my garden, nothing special! Thank you xxx

  5. Love this Hol! Suits you down to the ground! <3

    Robyn xo


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