White Out with Closet London


Hey look, I'm blending into my background haha, just kidding... almost though! Today's post features this beautiful jumpsuit from Closet London and oh myyyy is it lovely..

I can't get over how much I adore this classic look and how simple yet so effective it is! The jumpsuit has a gorgeous black ribbon round the waist which ties at the back and it's just the perfect touch to make the jumpsuit look super chic. I grabbed for my white Red Herring heels to create an all white look and I honestly love it! How can one jumpsuit look sooooo goood????

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  1. Hol this is so you! Fits you so well and you look so classy!

    Robyn / www.phasesofrobyn.com


  2. Literally the perfect jumpsuit! Love the black ribbon belt, such a nice touch <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  3. Love how classy this looks, the white with the touch of black looks amazing. Great photos Holly <3


  4. This is stunning! I'm obsessing over jumpsuits at the moment, and you've just made me desperate for an all white one.

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

  5. Love this outfit, it's so sleek. I follow you on youtube and I just discovered your blog! Love them both. Check out mine!



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