From my knee high boots to my high roll neck jumper, I am well and truly on a high! Well, not really much higher than your average day but do you know what? everything's pretty good at the moment haha.

There are some exciting collaborations coming up here on Simple Things and not to mention the exciting stuff happening in my life at the moment...but hey wait! I'll save that for another time!

The day that I shot these photos, I absoloutley froze my tits off. My legs were like two icicles and my face was tingling like I had pins and needles (the things I do for blogging *tut*). But there was something about the cold grey weather that just made me want to wear every item I owned with there word 'high' in it's name. I guess I just needed uplifting hahaha.

Here I've style my grey high neck jumper from Zara, along with my black Asos high waisted shorts and my black knee high boots from Clarks... then I just threw my coat on because I was cold lol. Although, I do actually love the contrast between the high waisted/necked items and then the long duster coat - very coooool. 

Let me know what you think about styling all of these 'high' items together and whether you like the look. I'd love to hear how you'd style some of your 'high' clothes too, so leave me a comment if you have any ideas!