It has been bloody cold at the moment, and I mean absoloutley bloody freezing! I'm someone who feels the cold really easily, which can be a total nightmare when you spend your days waiting around at train stations or shooting photos outside, but I really try my best to keep warm.

The main thing I always have with me, to tackle the icy air, is my huge scarf from ASOS. Now, I did used to have a scarf similar to this, which my Mum bought me like a year ago, and I was completely obsessed. Unfortunately, I left that behind on the first ever shoot that I did and never got it back :(. (Yes I was very heart broken). Nonetheless, I tried to find something super similar and ended up choosing this. It's perfect for warming you up since you have to wrap it round at least twice to stop it dragging along the floor haha, and not only does it keep me nice and cosy, but it also looks pretty darn stylish too - especially with a black outfit!

A cosy coat is definitely next on the list. You can't tackle a British winter without at least 2 coat options to choose from. I have small coats, long coats, short coats, thick coats, thin coats, ALL THE COATS, because you just never know what weather you're going to be hit with. Here I'm wearing my well-loved Pretty Little Thing duster coat. Duster coats are fab because they cover a little more surface area than shorter coats but they can tend to be a little thinner. Luckily on this day, it wasn't too cold so I could just about get away with wearing this little number. I love this paired with the scarf, they're the perfect combo.

Layering jumpers is probably the best way that I stop myself from dying from hypothermia. I'm only a tiny little person so if I'm not properly insulated, then I will 100% freeze to death. I love layering jumpers, especially on long train journeys, to ensure that I'm all nice and toasty. This grey one from H&M always comes in handy as it goes perfectly with most of my coats and with my all black outfits - plus, you can deff at least fit another 2 jumpers underneath it too haha.

Boots will tackle all British weather. Rain, snow, wind, ice, sun, sleet, rainbows, you name it, boots will always be the best shoe option. Here, I'm sporting this fabulous pair from Public Desire, which I highly recommend.

What do you guys wear to keep yourselves warm in the winter weather? Anything that I haven't included? Leave it down below! ♥