Spring is quickly becoming my favourite season. It's not too hot (certainly not here in the UK anyway) and when the sun shines it just seems to perk up my mood. The sun seems to be making me so much more motivated and also a little more experimental with my outfits, which I love!

Today I'm wearing an outfit that I just can't stop putting on. Whether I'm just having a driving lesson or going out for a meal, I'll put this outfit on and feel fabulous and ready to take on the day!

This gorgeous dress is from ASOS and it had been on my wishlist for sooooooooooo long. I won't waffle on about my obsession with frills because you already know it all and you can quite blatantly see that that was my reason for falling head over heels in love with this. However, I especially love the back of this dress too. The way that it dips down into a slight v-shape is just such a lovely added detail.

My jacket is from Zara and was actually something I purchased on a whim, just to wear with this dress. Luckily, I think the two go together wonderfully and seem to create the perfect Spring look for me! I love the kind of denim-look to it and the buttons are just super cute!

I always pair this look with either my white, grey or powder pink heels to kind of keep to the pastel vibe but sometimes I'll even just slip on my ballet pumps and tights for a more casual look.

No outfit is complete without a classic red lip but I think it just works wonders with this outfit! I haven't tried this look with a more nude lip yet but it's something that I think would look lovely too.

I was in such a good mood whilst shooting this outfit - the sun was out and it was pretty warm and I just love wearing this look - perfecto!

Tell me, does the sun put you in a better mood? or are you pining for the day that winter comes back around? haha.