There's just something about Birthdays that I love. They mean so much to me and I love celebrating them, both other people's and my own. This year it's my 18th birthday and I am sooo bloomin excited. My past two birthdays have been pretty shitty and I've pretty much been dreaming of my 18th birthday since I was about 11, so I'm determined to make it pretty damn special (and yes, I will be dragging it out for the entire weekend, Mum and Dad). 

I've always pictured this huge celebration; surrounded by family and friends, embarrassing childhood pictures printed out and stuck on the wall, the huge number 18 balloons, zoella-esque decorations (I mean, how cute are the decorations she uses?), drinks all around - the whole works. (I also pictured a very tipsy night out to top it all off too, but that's not really the important part haha) And although everything on that list might not all be able to go to plan, now that I've finally reached the ripe age of 17 years 11 months and 15 days old, I'm still very much determined to make this one of the most amazing birthdays for me to remember.

Birthdays to me signify a celebration of a particular person. Like, say it's my friend Hannah's birthday, I kind of think of it as a day to celebrate all about Hannah. I want to make them a cute card, get them a present that they'll love, make them laugh and help them celebrate as much as I possibly can. That's what I love to do. I think it's just nice to spoil that person on their day!

Now, to some of you, I probably sound like a birthday obsessed lunatic, because I know that there are some people out there that really just don't care too much about birthdays. I think birthdays definitely do get a little less exciting as we get older. I mean, it's not like I'm able to throw a Party Bus party (did you all have those?) or invite all my friends round and play Pin The Tail on the Donkey (although, that does sound incredibly fun, especially if Vodka was involved.) However, I really do love to just celebrate them!

I'm hoping that I don't come across as selfish when wishing for this amazing 18th birthday, but I'm sure there are lots of you reading that can kind of see why I am doing so. I mean, 18 is a big birthday to celebrate, am I right?! I can finally just go to the shop and buy what I want or walk into a club without nearly breaking into a sweat in-case I hear the words "ID please". Also, it means that my parents have successfully raised me to be a fully grown human being. I mean, well done guys! *pat on the back* and finally, for me, it means that I didn't give up when things got really tough. I've struggled through a lot despite only being 17, but I kept going and I made it to this point now and to a point in my life that I honestly didn't know if I would make it to.. but I'm here and very ready to celebrate it.

So, bring on my 18th birthday! Bring on the drinks, the love, the laughter, the friends, the family, the embarrassing photos, the big balloons, the birthday meal, the throwback playlists, the special birthday dress, the millions of Facebook messages that I'll need to reply to so that I don't seem rude (lol)... bring it on!

Ps/ I've got a few birthday-themed posts coming up because I just can't resist haha!