Ever had one of those moments where you just completely lack any ounce of motivation, inspiration, and, you know what, even happiness? Well, I've been feeling like this recently and, my god is it a crap thing to go through...

I often find myself stressing out over my outfits and the clothes I own. I sometimes just look at them and think 'Is this really 'my style'? because more often than not, I'm feeling a little lost and, like I said, completely uninspired.

I think as a blogger, I tend to spend a lot of time focusing on social media and comparing myself to other bloggers. Things, such as my Instagram feed, drive me crazy and I can spend days, yes... days, stressing out over it. But I recently took a step back and realized that the reason I was stressing out so much was because rather than feeling inspired and loving what I was doing, I was just continuously comparing myself, my photos, my outfits, even my life, to other people's.

So, I took a little break. I didn't post on Instagram and have basically just let my scheduled content roll through and not stressed about it. I started looking at other people's content, not for comparison, but for inspiration. That's how it all started isn't it? I was inspired to become a blogger, I wasn't trying to 'compete' with anyone.

I collected imagery I liked, read posts I enjoyed and I've tried to take a step back and just consider what a realistic goal for me would be. I often compare myself to all the blogging gals down in London who have 'Instagram Husbands' and Photographers on hand at all times, as well as gorgeous London backdrops for their photos. But, the thing is, my content can't be like that because I live in Warrington (lol) and I'm single (lol) and it can be difficult to find someone to help me with photos sometimes (although, I had the fabulous Lauren Weare help me with these lovely shots! Thanks gal!)

But anyway, rather than rambling on. My point is that, I'm starting to feel inspired again. I'm looking at other people for inspiration and not so much comparison anymore. I've told myself to take my time, go back to how things used to be and chill out a little. It's difficult as your blog grows, you kind of have to make sure everything grows with it, but I think I've been putting waaaaay too much pressure on myself. Now I think I can see a little clearer again in what kind of direction I would like to go with everything...

For example, I recently got to chose some items from the New Look website and chose these 3 lovely tops (two of which are the same but different colours because I liked them so much haha). Before choosing them, I sat and thought about just how I could style them, what I could style them with, how they would fit... everything! I think sometimes it's good to think about the clothes you're buying a little more and make sure you're choosing things because YOU love them and not because you want to imitate the look of someone else.

#ThisIsNewLook has recently launched on the New Look website, which has come in super handy for me! It's a great way to feel inspired since it features lots of different looks from soooo many amazing (and don't forget, uber stylish) people who are all styling gorgeous pieces all from New Look themselves. To get involved and share your style (and probably help inspire me a little!), all you have to do is use the #ThisIsNewLook hashtag when you upload your photo to Instagram. You could even be in with a chance of winning £200, so why the hell not give it a go?!