Sometimes I wonder what people's opinions are of me. Most of the time, I go on and on about not being concerned with what other people think but then I often find myself thinking of people who know of me and what kind of opinion they carry of my character and not necessarily what I do. I'd like to think people think I'm a good and nice person. I'd like to think that people know that I care and that I'd be there for them if they needed me to be. But I'd also like to think that people think that I'm also a total boss ass bitch who could totally hold her own if anyone tried to give her crap, but that's probably not how people would think of me...

You see, we only tend to let the people we're close to see that kind of side to us. Most people who know of me probably think that I couldn't hurt a fly, but if you were to insult me, something or someone I'd care about... I'd try my best to squish you like a bug.
I'm protective of myself. I've had my feelings hurt more than a hundred times and that makes you build up a total defense mechanism. So, yes, I am a nice person but also a nice person who's not going to take your shit.

I've spent a long time becoming the person I am today and a lot of that involved standing up for myself and saying 'F*ck you' a couple of times. I think people think that if you're a 'nice person' that you aren't entitled to have an opinion or fight back if you disagree with something when (and, this may shock you) are. Just as much as I have 'friendly' or 'kind' qualities, I have qualities that allow me to say 'No, you're wrong' or 'I don't care for that'. However, the thing is, people don't like it when the 'nice people' speak up. 

There have been several moments in my life where I've thought 'no Hol, just bite your lip and leave it' but then I literally just flip and say what I think. It leaves people with these looks on their faces as if to say 'woah, didn't think I'd ever hear that from you' but like I said, all people, even 'the quiet ones', have their opinions. 

I think that people forget that all people are 'real' and even if you only know a person via the internet, that person will have their own individual thoughts and opinions. Every person on this earth has a brain, which means that every person on this earth can think and feel their own unique thoughts. So, why are only a select few of us allowed to actually share those? 

I don't often let the opinions I have slip out because I don't always think that opinions need to be shared, but sometimes it's just nice to let yourself be heard. 

There are so many things that I'm passionate about that I love sharing my opinion on and discussing. And no, that doesn't just include fashion and the red lipstick I'm wearing. It includes everything from politics, to mental health stigmas, to money, to films and to animals - I, as a human being, can have an opinion on anything. 

I think that sometimes I'm afraid to let people see past my 'kind' and 'fun' side and see that more opinionated and tough part of me. I never really enjoy conflict because a lot of the time, it's so unnecessary and I worry that if I share my opinions on things that people's views of me will begin to change and not in a positive way. I'd love people to still think that I'm a 'nice person', but a 'nice person with their own valid opinion'. However, to be honest, I know that if I were to start discussing my views on things, all the time, that at least one person would have a problem with what I had to say. Maybe that's why, as one of the 'quieter ones', I just stick to saying nothing unless something really rattles me.

But I think I do want to start speaking out a little bit more, especially on topics that I really love to discuss. I don't want to just be 'seen but not heard'. I have a space on the internet with people who read and hear what I say, so why not try and use my voice to talk about important things? Why be afraid to shake up people's views of me? Why not talk if people are willing to listen?

Now, if you're up for listening to me (or in this case, reading what I'm about to type) then let me give you the low down on this outfit!

This outfit includes two fabulous collaborations, one being with Nobody's Child and the other with the fabulous Rocket Dog. I decided to style this gorgeous Animal Pleated Slip Dress along with a white tee, choker necklace and my Zara leather jacket to put a more 'Autumnal' twist on the slip dress. I then, of course, added these super cool Reese Black Heeled Ankle Boots, which have that lovely cut out detail! I loved the boots paired with the slip dress since I think it completely nails the Grunge Girl trend that's 'in' right now!

If you like this outfit, you can find the pieces to make it your own below: