I'm always on the hunt for inspiration. I'm always looking to feel that spark of creativity to light up inside of me. I often get asked what exactly it is that inspires me to write about the things that I do or, how exactly do I get inspired? Well, today I'll fill you in a little bit.


(This kind of covers all of the other points that I'm going to make in this post, but oh well...) 
Yep, these little baby blues of mine do a looooot of seeing, observing, learning and all that jazz. Without seeing and experiencing things (lol I feel like Kylie Jenner), I would be very much lacking in inspiration for my blog. 

You guys know that I like the write about my life, my experiences and my opinions. I often see things or will be going through something and that's when inspiration will hit. I might find myself looking at an old photo or see someone tweet something that reminds me of how I've felt before, and that's what will make me think 'today, I'm going to write about this....'. Sometimes, it might just even be the fact that I've cried about something or I've seen someone smile so big that it's filled me entirely with joy, and I'll just get the urge to write, to document and to remind people that it's okay to feel a mixture of emotions or to be going through something. 

Inspiration is literally everywhere and I always get this excited feeling when I come up with something to write about. My eyes draw in on things and it's like *BAM* and I've gotten all inspired!


A lot of my writing comes from the emotions I'll be feeling in that moment. For example, if I'm feeling a bit down and crappy, I'll most likely decide to write something surrounding the topic of Depression or Anxiety. Whereas, if I'm in a tip top mood, I'll probably write some mushy, emotional post about how proud I am of myself or something haha. It really does depend how positively or negatively I'm feeling. 

I like to write very openly about emotions because I used to be so ashamed of my own feelings. Nowadays I just write how I feel, how I think and what I'm going through because you'll realise, we're all going through similar stuff and feeling similar things - it's good to not feel alone.

3. LIFE 

Without a load of crappy things happening to me in my life, my blog wouldn't even exist. Nowadays, the majority of my blog posts are written in reflection on my life experiences and the things I'm going through. I want to write content that's encouraging, helpful and inspiring. I want people to come away and feel like they've understood something new or finally feel like they're not so alone. I just want to use my life experiences to help other people... that's kind of it (with a splash of fashion thrown into the mix at the same time haha).


Of course, this blog relies a lot on the fact that I love fashion. Without being inspired by fashion and clothes, it would be very difficult to call this a 'Fashion & Lifestyle Blog' wouldn't it? haha. I'm inspired by fashion 100% of the time anyway, but I love documenting it all here on my blog. It's incredible to see my style evolving and what trends I'm loving at a certain time in my life. I find that even putting an outfit together can cause me to want to write about a specific Mental Health topic or something. Like I said earlier, there's inspiration everywhere.

I'm also always very inspired by some of the fabulous brands I get to work with and the gorgeous pieces they send me. For example, here we have this lovely little dress from Jarlo London! This is the Juliet in Blue and it's so so gorgeous. It's not a dress that I'd usually grab for, but I love trying out something new and the bardot neckline and fishtail style just screamed 'Holly choose me!'

I do have to say, you definitely need boobs to wear this dress... I had to stuff my bra with tissue paper to stop myself from flashing my neighbors whilst shooting this outfit haha, but other than that it was a perfect fit and super figure flattering! The lace detail all over just makes the dress feel that little more special and the skirt at the bottom is just so beautiful - I love it!
It's beautiful pieces like this that I can just take so much inspiration from. I could have written a post about 'trying something out of your comfort zone' or 'why it's okay to stuff your bra' hahaha!

Anyway, hopefully you found this post insightful or helpful in someway - I'd love to know how you get inspired, let me know down in the comments!

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