If the title of my blog didn't already give it away, I really love simplicity. I love white furniture and all black outfits; I love drinking water and cosy nights in; I love minimal make up and people who get straight to the point. I just love it. Simplicity keeps me calm and focused. A tidy room or a clear desk just gives me space to think, you know? 

I would say that my style is pretty minimal and simple. I don't often branch out and buy patterned pieces or go crazy with colour. I love monochrome and I love just slipping on a dress and black heeled boots and being ready to go. But, because of that, one thing that I always forget to do is accessorise. I forget to grab for a pair of earrings or a necklace - I sometimes even forget to put on my glasses when I'm not thinking hard enough. 

Recently, Carat* London got in contact with me and asked if I would like to receive some pieces from them. I had a look at their site, browsed through some of their pieces, and decided that I'd really like to try them out. The pieces I saw were simple, elegant and beautiful - right up my street. And, hey! Why not treat myself to a nice jewellery collaboration with a brand that I like? haha

I will clarify too, this post is not sponsored but the items are gifted to me and I just really wanted to write about them!

I don't often treat myself to a lot of jewelry, and like I said, I often forget to accessorise besides popping on a choker every now and again. Most of my jewelry are just pieces that I've picked up in the sales for £1 or something - nothing too fancy shmancy. However, it felt really nice to be treated to something a little more luxurious, and well, honestly, out of my budget, for once.

When the pieces arrived, and I opened the boxes, I was just a human version of the heart eyes emoji - they were beautiful. Plus, I was only expecting to receive one piece (the bracelet), so when I opened the second box to find the necklace too, I was so surprised! I kind of felt like I was in a romantic movie, receiving beautiful jewellery from my gorgeous thoughtful boyfriend, but in reality I was opening my blogger mail from a FedEx delivery box... it was still a lovely moment though. 

The necklace came in a large white box, which made me feel very very posh (haha), and is just absoloutley stunning. It's the Lexi Necklace and is sterling silver in a white gold finish. It's a brilliant piece because it can be worn so many ways due to the adjustable fastening. You could opt to wear it as a choker (which is what I prefer) or you could wear it looser and have it sit lower around your neck. 

I think it's just such a lovely piece that is able to add a little bit of 'pizzazz' (lol, did I really just say pizzazz?) to a simple look like the one I'm wearing here.

The bracelet I had chosen myself. I decided to go for the Silver Fitz Millenium Bracelet because, despite being very simple and elegant, it just had something extra to it due to the diamond shaped stones. Again, this is made from sterling silver in a white gold finish and has an adjustable clasp to allow you to try out wearing it more loosely or tighter, depending on your more comfortable fit. I also think that's great because if you have tiny wrists like me, you can actually wear a piece of jewellery that fits!

It's such a simple piece and yet, is so eye catching. Just like the necklace, it just adds a nice quality to a basic outfit and I think that's such a good quality in a piece of jewelry. If something isn't too 'in your face' but is still able to add a bit 'something something', then that's perfect for a simplicity lover like me.

Carat London have some absolutely lovely pieces, perfect for special occasions or for gifting people with! You can check out the site by clicking here and if you want to get your hands on these pieces or something similar, then have a look here: