The title of this post is incredibly fitting for these photos. As, the lovely and super talented, Zac Mahrouche and I strolled the streets of London, trying to find a good spot or two to shoot this look, we were basically hit without 5 spells of torrential rain. My poor little cotton tote bag did not survive that very well at all and my, once very comfy and nice to walk in, Adidas, began to feel like I was carrying two little puddles inside my shoes. But, hey, it did spark the idea for this blog post, so, always look on the bright side, I guess!

The rain, the torrential downpour, simply reminded me of one thing. 

You see, sometimes in life, amazing things happen, exciting opportunities come our way and we get filled with that giddy feeling that sparks those 'Oh my god, this is my moment!' thoughts in our head. 

There are people around us, usually, who are supportive, kind and get just as excited as we do, about the odd 'cool' thing that might happen to us. But, on the other hand, there are also people who aren't so supportive, kind, and giddy. Unfortunately, despite how many lovely, friendly people there are in the world, there are still, jealous, bitter and cruel people within the crowd too. 

I feel like, there's nothing shittier than when you're bouncing off the walls with excitement, thinking how cool and amazing something is, and then you go to text your friend or parent, or whoever it might be, and their response is just completely... flat. There's barely even 1% of excitement exuding from their body for you. 

Then, suddenly, all of the excitement that you had inside of you feels flat too. Everything becomes flat. 

It's such a hard feeling to describe, but it's kind of that sinking feeling in your chest and the thoughts that fill your brain like, 'Is this not as exciting as I thought?' 'Am I being stupid?' 'Why aren't they excited for me?'. It just ruins all the fun, the happiness, the thrill of it all. It rains on your parade. That parade that you were god damn excited about, but now, it's just some shitty thing that some shitty people have made you feel shitty about. It's shit.


"The world is filled with nice people, if you can't find one, be one."

It's something I've dealt with a few times, especially since I'm someone who gets over-excited about everything and anything, but dealing with it over and over doesn't necessarily make that sinking feeling in your chest go away. It almost makes it worse. 'Does no one think this is cool, seriously?!'

I guess what I've learnt to realise is, as hard as it may be, don't let people rain on your god damn parade. If you're excited about that parade, then you put on that party dress, dance through the street and sing at the top of your lungs. Just because other people don't find something 'cool' or 'exciting' or even just 'interesting', doesn't mean that you aren't allowed to, or shouldn't. Remind yourself, 'Okay, they're not that excited about it, but I think this is going to be something amazing and fun, so I'm going to be excited about it anyway!'

The sinking feeling will probably still be there, but it's the ability to stop that from flattening the happiness you felt before, and having the confidence in your own emotions to still feel on top of the world about things.

So, yeah, don't let people rain on your parade, get excited about everything and anything and just bloody enjoy yourself. Why the hell not?!

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