My oh my, I don't think I've ever felt so liberated by my fashion sense before.

I feel like this year has brought out an entirely new personality from within me, and my Summer wardrobe has never been bursting with colour, pattern, or fun and unique pieces like this before - it's exciting to get experimental with your style and let loose!

I'm like a moth drawn to flame when I spot something in vibrant yellow, hanging on a clothes rack, with a reasonable price tag, across a clothing store - I just can't help myself. There's something about dressing like someone that could tumble out of a clown car and into a circus tent, that really appeals to me and is incredibly liberating.

When I'm dressed head to toe in bright reds, mixed with fuchsia pinks and outrageous patterns, and people are staring at me like I've gone completely mad, it instills me with an overwhelming sense of 'Yeah, I look god damn cool right now' rather than the, 'Oh my god, why are you staring at me?', like I used to feel (and that was when I drenched myself in all-black outfits too).

One shop that has been helping in this rainbow filled, self-liberation of mine, is New Look.

I bloody love New Look. They're one of my absolute favourite brands to work with, and not just because Carla who I get to chat to via email is such a lovely lady, but also because they have such incredible pieces, which aren't going to break the bank!

There's nothing better for me, a clothes obsessed 18 year old fashion blogger, than a clothes store that can offer me an amazing sense of style, without making me want to cry when I log into my bank account app.

It's amazing!

And, New Look truly do have some gorgeous stand-out pieces this Summer. They've got all the bright colours and patterns that a girl like me could dream of, and being the lucky gal I am, I got to create this super cool look with them!

So, as you know, I like colour. I don't think there's any need for me to divulge in that information again, and I think you can tell from the look I've created that that's pretty obvious. Anything colorful is a staple in my summer wardrobe this year, but when the pieces are this gorgeous, it makes it 10 x more exciting...

This gorgeous dress, with it's stunning blue floral jacquard, basically jumped out from my computer screen and grabbed me when I was scrolling through the website. This kind of oriental print is perfect for Summer - it gives me those Gucci vibes that I just LOVE - and I just found the turqoisey kind of colour really unique and interesting. I think we all need something bright and fun like this, in our Summer wardrobe - just something that we can easily throw on and still look fabulous!

I picked myself some fabulous pom pom earrings too, because they seemed like the most perfect colour match with the dress, and I also thought they added a bit of something fun and 'quirky' (I mean, nothing is quirky if you call it quirky, but you know what I mean) to the look. Pom poms are also something that are so 'in' this Summer season. There are pom pom bags, pom pom shoes... I even saw pom pom wrapping paper the other day!

Now, I thought the dress was the kind of piece that I would love to dress up for a night out or more dressy occasion, but also something I'd love to style during the day for a more casual look too. Because of this, I opted for two shoe options: one being a beautiful pair of yellow satin bow sandals and the other being a pair of turquoise knot front tie up sandals.

I thought the yellow colour of the heels was sooo beautiful and worked really nicely with the colours in the dress, and even though many of you might be screaming 'ew colour clash!', I really love it! I'm also just completely obsessed with yellow right now, it's the perfect Summer colour, so I just HAD to have them!

Then, of course, the sandals were just a perfect colour match for both the earrings and the dress, and would look amazing to just wear on a sunny day out! I feel like they'd be so amazing to jazz up any other outfit too!

If this outfit hasn't already got you feeling summery enough, ready to dive head first into a swimming pool and whack on your factor 50, then I have something else to fill you in on!

New Look are running a competition, where you could be in the chance of winning either an amazing trip to Fresh Island Festival in Croatia, a fabulous city or beach holiday or a lovely £25 New Look gift card! How cool is that?

Fresh Island Festival is Europe's no.1 hip-hop beach festival, and if you won, you'd be getting to meet with your favourite artist and watch them from the side of the stage! All your travel, drinks, food and accommodation would be covered too!

There are 13 city or beach holidays up for grabs, where your travel and accommodation will be covered! Think of all the cute places you could go to if you won!

And, if you don't win either of those, there are X 100 £25 gift cards to win too!

To be in a chance of winning, you can simply click HERE and head on over to the New Look site to enter! Good luck!

*This competition is UK only - sorry guys!*

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was  always June" 

So yeah, there you have it, a colour-liberated-summer-stapled-competition-crazed blog post!

Let me know what your summer staples are, whether your colorful summer wardrobe is filling you with amazing self-confidence too, and also what you'd love to win from the competition!