This year, I have attempted to make it my mission and actually meet up with the lovely people I know from the internet. That could be other bloggers, models, or just people who's tweets give me a good ol' giggle - I've tried to make time for catch ups and coffee dates.


Now, something I always say is how amazing it is when you get to talk to like-minded people.

There's nothing better than chatting to someone who's on your wavelength or has experienced similar things to you - I get all excited and start using blogging lingo that other people would usually look at me like 'huh?!' about.

"There are no faster or firmer friendships than those between people who love the same things"

I love being able to talk about the online world or different brands and things, and discuss the industry with someone who is living in it too. It's a breath of fresh air from usually having to explain in depth about algorithm drama or HTML.

Another thing is, internet friends get the whole 'phone' being in your hand or on the table, or just the 'looking at your phone' thing.

I have no need to explain that, yes, I can in fact post an Instagram and continue our conversation like a multitasking queen, without missing everything you're saying to me and, I will in fact need my phone out in front of me to see if I finally get a reply to that email I sent this morning about urgent sponsored post details.

They just get it. They know the drill.

There's no 'stop being so antisocial' or 'do you ever put your phone down' because they're the same too. Their phone is like their right arm - containing everything from blog photos to important emails and PR phone numbers. If lost - EMERGENCY MODE sets in.


Similar to that, bloggers and internet lovers tend to be some of the least judgmental people I've met.

I'm forever meeting people and just sinking into their presence so comfortably within in an instance. I feel understood and like I've known people for years because I'm following their lives through beautiful photography and eloquently worded blog posts. It's like I already know, before even meeting someone, that they could be one of my best friends!

For example, I've only met the beautiful Starr Clare (actually her birthday today, so go and wish her a fabulous day!) twice, but she is someone who I just feel so at ease around. We were instantly giggling and chatting on our Paul's Boutique shoot, and it's like we'd been besties since forever, and that was so so lovely!

Similarly, the other day when I met up with the gorgeous Kiera, we had such a fab day together. We chatted about all sorts and fell comfortably into shooting together straight away which was so so nice. When you're able to make conversation from the idea of Sainsbury's bananas, then you know you've got a keeper.

It's just lovely to feel at home in someone's company.

So yeah, internet people are bloody great.

You can talk all things 'emails' and 'blog rates' with them, and they wont even judge you when you stand up to take a million flat lay pictures of your £4.50 cappuccino.

That's the kind of people I love.

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