The Weather recently has been glorious. There's nothing better to drag you out of a bad mood, or simply out of the house for an hour or so, than a bit of sunshine!

I've been absolutely loving heading into Manchester, prancing about in the sun, drinking g&ts - I'm the most freckly, and may I even say tanned???, I've been in years haha!


Over the past few months, my friendships seemed to have blossomed in a way I never thought they would.

Now, I'm a bit of a loner of sorts, I do tend to have a random mixture of friends, but in this past few months, I've made new friends, been closer to friends than ever before,and it's been absolutely lovely.

Keep your friends close guys, they are the ones that really matter.


For a while, I've been having a lot of 'ups and downs' with my skin.

I've been having huge breakouts, scarring and dry patches. Everything just seemed to be sending my skin into an absolute tizz.

Then, I stripped my skincare back to basics. I no longer use scrubs and masks, as they seemed to just be drying out my face and leaving my skin feeling super sensitive, and I no longer confuse my skin by using too many products.

I simply just use one face wash, apply a bit of spot treatment here and there when needed, and voila! My skin has cleared up massively!

Oh, and drinking as much water as possible helps too!

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