1. Glamour Magazine

In July 2017, I was featured in Glamour Magazine, which was super exciting! I remember heading into my local newsagents, with that giddy 'oh my god, I'm in a magazine!' feeling, to check out if it had been put out in the shops yet. Then, after flicking through, and spotting my little pale face against a bright red background, I ended up at the counter with 10 copies of it.

2. Shooting For Primark Beauty

Last year, I also got to shoot for Primark Beauty. This shoot is still one of my favourites - I really love shooting beauty campaigns - the make up was super cool and bold (totally, not my everyday make up, which is always fun to do on shoots), and the team were just absolutely lovely. You guys loved the photos too, which made it even more exciting for me!

3. Working With Estee Lauder & Nike

I began working with Estee Lauder last year, on a campaign for their new Lipsticks (obviously, I'm a great advocate for that kind of thing *wink wink*). The photos I shot for this are still some of my favourites, and I love how my relationship with the brand grew from there!

I also did a super cool collaboration with Nike. I shot some fab photos with Rosie Butcher, all focusing on a sassy pair of Nike Air Force 1s, which was so much fun!

4. The H&M Ad Comes Out

In November, the moment I had been waiting all summer long for, finally came. Back in June, I shot an advert for H&M in Prague, and it came out just in time to celebrate Christmas (one of my fave times of year!). That 3 second cameo of me waving will forever be one of my favourite career highlights haha.

5. A Holiday To Amsterdam

In February, I headed to Amsterdam for the second time.

Amsterdam is one of my favourite places I've traveled to, and although that trip wasn't one of the best holidays I've been on, it's still nice that I treated myself to a little get away!

6. Me & Ashleigh Get On Vogue Italia

Ashleigh Hamman and I did a really fun shoot with Joshua Drakes back in February, and to our excitement, it got onto Photo Vogue Italia!

Okay... 1. It's super exciting to be on Vogue, and 2. It's even more exciting when it's with one of your friends!

7. A Break Up

In March, my first relationship came to an end. It's probably one of the hardest things I've had to deal with in a long time, but it's definitely been a big learning curve for me, which I'm surprisingly grateful for.

8. Basically Living with Sam Sheldon Every Weekend

One of my favourite things to happen this year, was the friendship I made with my lovely gal Sam. I basically lodged at hers for about 3 weekends straight, and well... the love just grew from there haha.

Sitting in her room, chatting about how shit but amazing Riverdale is, and having her brush dryshampoo out of my hair whilst I sat on a stool in my underwear, is basically what I live for.

9. Finally Shooting with Silvijah Gec

Back in 2016, I bumped into a photographer called Sivijah at London Fashion Week. She took some lovely photos of me that day, and since, we'd been trying to organise a shoot together when I was down in London. But, we never crossed paths... UNTIL NOW.

We spent an amazingly sunny day shooting in Nottinghill, and the photos turned out amazing! She's one talented lady!

10. Ever Growing Self Confidence

In the past year, my confidence has truly had it's ups and downs, but I'd say I've become the most accepting of myself that I've ever been in 2018.

I've learnt that life isn't all about being a size 6, or having a gap between your thighs, but it's about having wonderfully hilarious days with your friends, and getting yourself a nice peachy bum from eating too much pizza.

Here's to more happiness and more self confidence (oh, and more pizza) in my 20th year too!

11. A Gucci Styled Shoot

This year, I got to be involved in a shoot that made all my Gucci dreams come true.

Gucci is a brand that I would dieeeee to model for (I mean, who knows? maybe one day?), but I got the second best thing when Kelly Johns asked me to be a part of her Final Major Project.

The shoot was so perfectly 'gucci-esque' and the team were all lovely to work with too!

Have a look at Kelly's work HERE.

12. Meeting & Working with Marta Ferenc

So, you know when you meet a photographer that just 'gets' you? That's what Marta is.

Marta is such a talented lady, who shares and equal amount of love for the colour red and polka dots as I do, and I just absolutely love working with her!

Since shooting together that first time, we have had so many chats (mostly me drunk messaging her about my tragic life) and shared so many ideas. I can't wait to work more with this gal!

13. Reigniting Friendships

Last year, I really cut myself off from my friends. I put myself in a little bubble and wouldn't let anyone in. However, this year, I've managed to reignite some amazing friendships with people.

It's so nice to have people that I love back in my life again.

14. Falling Obsessively In Love With The Colour Red

I just really love the colour red. There's not really much else to say about this...

15. A London Trip With Darina

In May, Darina (one of my favourite photographers, and people, in the whole entire world) and I headed off to London for a couple of days.

We spent our time drinking gin, shooting candid photos, and enjoying our little balcony we got with our hotel room.

It was such a lovely time, with an absolutely lovely lady!

16. Rhian, CJ, Lenny & Starr

I just want to shout from the roof tops how amazing these 4 girls are.

Since meeting Rhian this year, she has become one of my best friends. Our friendship is probably the shortest friendship going, but the laughs I've had with this gal and the love I have for her, just doesn't even compare to that.

CJ moving to Manchester is one of the best things that could have happened. She's one of the coolest, kindest and most generous ladies I have ever met, and I absolutely love her to pieces. Literally just being around her makes me feel x10 more confident in myself.

With Lenny, I basically just want to be her. I want to be as strong, confident and amazing as this girl is. She's also absolutely hilarious too, which is a huge added bonus. Oh, and she's really fit... if you hadn't noticed.

And Starr, she's is just an absolute HUN, who is well and truly killing it. Every time I see this girl, she makes me laugh and smile, and she's always ready to give me advice when I need it.

Every single one of these girls has been there for me when I've felt shit this year, and I cannot thank them enough for it.

17. Shooting For L'Oreal's Just Can't Get Enough Campaign & ASOS

One of the biggest jobs I've booked so far this year is for L'Oreal. I got to be a part of their latest lipstick campaign, which is super exciting for a lipstick lover like me.

I got to head down to London, sing 'Just Can't Get Enough' all afternoon and work with a bunch of amazingly lovely models - what else could I ask for?!

I also got to shoot a little bit of ecom for ASOS. I got to shoot their accessories and bags, which was really cool!

18. Working With Bobbi Brown, Nasty Gal and & Other Stories

This year, I've had the chance to work with some brands on pretty much a monthly basis, which I've really really loved.

I've taken part in 2 campaigns with Bobbi Brown (a team of people who are just truly lovely), as well as being a part of the #NastyGalsDoItBetter team on Instagram and working with & Other Stories too!

How did I get so lucky?!

19. Shooting For Miss Selfridge

This month, I got to shoot for one of my favourite brands, Miss Selfridge. If you head on over to their site, you can see little ol' me... eeeek!

Booking this job made me so happy, so seeing my face on there, and also getting to work with the lovely team there that day, was totally amazing!

I can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings and what happens whilst I'm 20 (when did I stop being 16?! H E L P)